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Eliminating windows taskbar

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Eliminating windows taskbar

Hey all! Does anyone know if you can eliminate the windows task bar from the layout (through ISBoxer) without using the in game full screen option? If I go full screen from EQ options my 4k monitor resolution makes everything too tiny without a means to correct it. Thanks


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Re: Eliminating windows taskbar

There is no magic to getting the taskbar to hide. The best option is the Auto Hide on the task bar itself.
Otherwise, Windows treats it as a little special and will tend to put it on top of other windows (unless you have a game in "full screen" or using its proper name, "exclusive mode").

You can use the always on top setting of a region in the Window layout, and it might work, but it can be hit and miss sometimes depending on how Windows is feeling about the taskbar being overlaid with something.

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