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can innerspace windows open in fancyzones frame

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Post Sun Apr 03, 2022 10:31 am

can innerspace windows open in fancyzones frame

I am partitioning my screen into two zones with Microsofts fancyframes
I would like innerspace windows to open in the right frame leaving left frame for my browsing window etc

has anyone tried doing something like this


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Post Sun Apr 03, 2022 11:14 am

Re: can innerspace windows open in fancyzones frame

Neat, haven't seen that powertoy before.

1. Run it as Administrator
From the FancyZones page:
If you have applications that are elevated (such as Windows Terminal or Task Manager) and want them snapped with FancyZones, run PowerToys in administrator mode. Read PowerToys and running as administrator for more information

2. You would be using FancyZones as your window layout manager, instead of applying an ISBoxer one. So remove your Window Layout. That way you can drag the window into the FancyZones, since that's how that works

And then I'd guess it should just work as expected as far as FancyZones goes.

But as far as ISBoxer somehow knowing the configuration of FancyZones to know that it should use a partition of your screen for the layout, etc ... nope :)

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