Post Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:13 am

Two characters on two monitors crashes when swapping.

I have this weird problem, every time I set up two characters on two monitors on full screen, windows crash when switching between them. I've been trying virtually all variations but it all comes down to that when I switch, the computer freeze and I have to reboot. 3, 5 and 10 characters are fine, just not two.

I run Wow classic on two 27" monitors, one with HDMI and one with Displayport from the same graphics card that only has one output of each, so different Hz, could that be an issue?
Graphics settings in wow are on "4" besides that I haven't changed anything from what works with 5 toons (1 full screen on one monitor, 4 on the other monitor) Isboxer settings Diagnostics

The non working character set is called ProDUO
5xman Pro and 3xman Pro is working just fine.

Nvidia drivers version: 442.19
Geforce GTX1650

Would appreciate to know where to begin, if it's in wow or isboxer settings, it's really hard when the computer crashes (freeze) all the time.