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Leave a hole showing desktop/background

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Leave a hole showing desktop/background

Hello, I just started using isboxer yesterday and followed MiRai's 1on1 instructions while setting up my layout but I somehow can't manage to get rid of the extra slot (leave a hole) from showing what is on the background instead of a plan black screen. It also happaned to MiRai while showing it and he showed a fix by switching "Always on Top Mode" to off for ever region, I also tried that but no luck so far. How can I fix that, it is very annoying ^^

Here is a screenshot


I know this sound very basic but believe me I did around 2 hours to fix this, read the forums and tried some stuff with vfx, still couldn't fix it ^^;


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Re: Leave a hole showing desktop/background

If you have a hole, then you see whatever is under the game windows. Be it the desktop or some other application you have running. That is the nature of leaving a hole. It's a hole.

If you want a black background, have a black desktop and don't put any icons/windows there.

Or, if you used a VideoFX Layout, then it uses a DXNothing "game" window, which is normally black, so when you "leave a hole" in a videofx layout, you see the black of the DXNothing window. Because the little views are really Video FX viewers that are displayed on a direct3d surface application, being DXNothing, and when there is a hole left because it is not displaying a viewer there, then you see the DXNothing instead.

As for MiRai's fix with Always On Top. I suspect you didn't catch all of what was going on there. Always On Top does exactly what it says. Changes the Always On Top setting. It does not change anything to do with the backgrounds because that is not what Always On Top does.

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