Post Fri Nov 06, 2020 6:32 am

6 Character Video Effects Layout

Firstly - Really big thanks to MiRai for his excellent video's only.

I'm really chuffed with my set up that I have managed to bumble my way to creating, but I would greatly appreciate some final polish to make it work really well.

My profile is here:

My ultimate goal is to have a 6 character Character set, where there are 5 active characters for routine multiboxing in WoW, and a 6th character which I can swap to to act a a banker / auctioneer / mule.

I have a dual screen set up - with the active window on the primary display.

For routine game play I have my other 4 characters split on the second monitor. I have managed to create a VFx profile that swaps appropriately when I bounce between the first 5 characters - works perfectly.
When required I want the 6th character to take up all of the second monitor, while I use the primary display to do stuff with any of the first 5 characters.

Surprisingly - I managed to actually make a set up that does this....... (unbelievable :)
With my set up when I swap to the sixth character - they become the active screen on my primary display, as well as becoming full screen on the secondary - I can then swap to any of the first 5 characters and the 6th window remains - Yeah!
I have mouse and keyboard pass through active on that 6th video effect so I can control both characters as I want too - Double Yeah!!!!
When I refocus this 6th character - it kills the video effect having the 6th character take up all of the second monitor and reverts to the standard 4 characters on the secondary monitor - Triple Yeah!!!!!!!

The things I want help with:

When the 6th character slot is in the VFx mode on the second monitor - I have the standard white window's mouse cursor in addition to the Blizzard cursor. Is there anyway to be able to get rid of the white PC cursor?

I usually run with sound being turned off when in the background - to avoid that annoying echo effect when playing. When the dxNothing window (second monitor) is the active window when I am focussed on the 6th character it obviously mutes all sound coming from the WoW client. Does anyone have any clever ways to enable sound in the background only when the 6th slot is the primary focus on the second monitor?

And finally - when I close out of the WoW client's the dxNothing window remains open and I have to close it down manually - is there anyway to automate it closing when I exit out of the game?

Anyway thanks heaps MiRai!