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Configuring a Menu Button Set

A Button Set is a set of Buttons (yes, really!) that can go in a Menu, defining both the appearance and behavior (e.g. Actions performed when the Button is activated) for each button.

Buttons within a Button Set (or within a Menu) can be modified on-the-fly during gameplay, via a Menu Button Action. Changes made dynamically to a Button in a Button Set will automatically propagate to any Menu using the Button Set. This makes it easy and convenient to re-use the same Menu Button in a variety of Menus, such as the Key Map/Menu Hotkeys toggle and the Broadcasting Mode toggle.

A Button Set can be applied to a Menu on-the-fly via a Menu Style Action, including at an offset within the Menu. For example, one could use a Menu Style Action to place the two buttons from the standard Toggles Menu (with toggles for Key Maps/Menu Hotkeys and Broadcasting Mode) anywhere within the Standard Menu, which for MMO configurations is used for broadcasting 1 through =.

Creating a Button Set

All Menu pieces are configured within the Menus heading in ISBoxer, and will require a Menu to be present to configure. Therefore, if you currently have no Menu in your ISBoxer configuration, you will need to create a Menu (just right click on Menus and select New Menu, then give it a name) in order to set up a Button Set.

To create a new Button Set
  1. In the top left pane under Menus, select a Menu (create one first if necessary)
  2. In the bottom left pane, right click "Button Sets" and select "New Button Set"
  3. Give your new Button Set a Name, so that it is not called simply "New Button Set"...
  4. In the box to the right you should now see Button Set, General, and Buttons. General is selected by default and only contains a Description box for you to fill in.
  5. To add a Button, right click "Buttons" and select "New Button"
  6. Selecting your Button (e.g. "Button 1") in the list will allow you to configure the Button's properties, which will be merged with the settings from the Menu's Template
  7. Right click your Button to add Actions (such as Keystroke Action), much like configuring a Step within a Mapped Key

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