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An interesting problem with shortcuts

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An interesting problem with shortcuts

I'm having a couple of issues with in-game shortcuts. These issues don't happen when I run EVE from a stand-alone client so it's definitely ISBoxer/InnerSpace related.

* If I'm typing in a chat box and the chat includes a character mapped as a shortcut, the shortcut will activate... For instance, lets say I want to type the following in Local.
"Can you please give me the build for that? It seems it might work, like quite well."

... then the following will happen...
C - My camera stops tracking
A- remapped to Approach, so my ship might start approaching something (I remapped all nav keys to make them easier to remember)
G - custom mapped as drop drones, so a rack of drones gets dropped
V- Direction scan will activate
A- approach again
B - Probes will start scanning if deployed
D- ship might dock
F - Mapped as Fire drones so better check my safeties :shock:
R- Ship might start "Keeping at Range" (remapped same reason as a)
S - Ship might allign (remapped same reason as a)
, - Custom mapped as decrease probe zoom
q - ship might start orbitting (remapped because "q" is closer to the first letter of 'orbit' than 'approach' which was remapped as 'a')
w - ship might warp
. - probe area zooms out
So yeah... pretty damn annoying

* Additionally, If I'm typing something in a box other than a chat box, say a contract description, or a mail message, if I type a space, the focus will swap to one of my chats and continue there. If I hold down "shift space" the focus will stay on the contract description or whatever it is I'm typing into.

Things I've done to try and fix/investigate:
- Ran game as stand alone client - issue resolved, so it's definitly in ISBoxer
- Reset my in-game keymaps to default (no difference)
- Checked cache (no difference)
- Unplugged keyboard and used inbuilt laptop keyboard (no difference)
- Loaded a backup profile from years ago (before this was an issue) (no difference - so while it's definitely ISBoxer related, it's not necessarily the profile that gets exported to InnerSpace.

Profile pastebin

Any help would be appreciated.... I swear I'm gonna lose a rack of geckos this way, or uncloak a covie... or something !!

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Re: An interesting problem with shortcuts

Did this problem start recently? Are you on the development build of Inner Space? If you are, does switching to the live build solve the issue?

If not, then you should try going into the game without ISBoxer, open the chat box, and type those same keys while holding Alt (repeat with Ctrl if necessary. Shift should not be in question here as it is used for typing...). I can't imagine any other reason why the game would process hotkeys while you're typing in a chat box or other text control within the game. The keys in question are not even related to your ISBoxer configuration, so there's nothing in ISBoxer that I can say "oh just turn off X and then it wont do that when you press C" -- this config is no different than everyone elses, it's almost default.

If that does NOT make the same behavior occur without ISBoxer, then we may have to start looking at Compatibility Diagnostics (http://isboxer.com/wiki/Diagnostics) to try to find the ghost in the machine.

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