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Can't login WITHOUT ISB. Magelo Sync doesn't work.

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Can't login WITHOUT ISB. Magelo Sync doesn't work.

Hello folks,

A couple months ago, after having used ISB for some months already, all the sudden I could no longer log in eq without ISB (It used to work just fine). When I try, I get to the server select screen and it brings up a crash support instantly. It doesn't matter if i have ISB up or not, it always crashes. I can load in just fine with ISB though but sometimes I don't want to do that.

Magelo sync doesn't work anymore, when I try to boot it up it just crashes instantly. Not sure if these are related or not.

I recently decided I wanted to start playing Ark:Survival Evolved with a friend. When I try to load Ark Server Manager it crashes a few seconds after I load it up. Not sure if this is related.

I entirely reinstalled eq, and nothing was fixed. Same with Ark Server Manager. Is it possible that somehow ISB has corrupted some of my computer's files? Has anyone experienced anything like what I'm describing and found a fix? I could try to remove ISB from my computer to see if that works but thought I'd ask first, and didn't want to lose my saved settings for ISB although I bet that's easy to save somewhere and upload with a fresh install.


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Re: Can't login WITHOUT ISB. Magelo Sync doesn't work.

Uninstalling ISBoxer is going to do precisely nothing to change how EQ1 works or not without ISBoxer...

One thing that ISBoxer does is it shuts off various Windows Compatibility flags from processes it launches. If a compatibility flag is making it crash, then that would be a fairly simple explanation as to why it works with ISBoxer (and something disabled) but not without ISBoxer (and that something active)

You should grab us a Compatibility Diagnostics from ISBoxer's Help menu, this and other common reasons for your issue may show up in that :)


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