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Isboxer does not work following Windows upgrade

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Isboxer does not work following Windows upgrade

Preface: IsBoxer user for well over a year. No issues.

This morning, Windows did an extensive upgrade - it took quite a while rebooted once even. Following this, IsBoxer will not load everquest. I have a 6 box crew I load. It does not matter if I try to launch all 6 or just launch one toon, I get the same result: A delayed black box opens where I would normally get the EQ launch box. After aprox 8 seconds, it turns into a white box that never does anything. The game does not launch.

Initially I assumed Windows reinstalled the windows Defender and it lost all my settings, so I went into Windows Defender and added exceptions for all Everquest game executables along with IsBoxer, etc. No change. Then I went and just disabled Defender all together. No change.

I am at a loss. I do not have ANY 3rd party antivirus programs installed on this computer let alone running? What else could have changed that blocks IsBoxer from running EQ? (it appears to run just fine without launching EQ)

PPS: Eq runs just fine if I launch it by itself ....


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Re: Isboxer does not work following Windows upgrade

In this case, we would need to see a diagnostic.

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