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Broadcast and key map toggles messed up

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Broadcast and key map toggles messed up

I created a standard duo multibox with the wow quick set up wizard, and did not change anything from the default. The key maps for toggle repeater is still shift + alt + r, and activate maps is still shift+alt+m. Yet whenever I press 2 broadcast will toggle, and my key maps seems to toggle on and off randomly as I can't recreate it, but will activate/deactivate from any number of keys. I have deleted the character set and key maps and recreated them multiple times, but I'm still having this issue. I had this same problem a few days ago, and it only stopped after I deleted all my data from isboxer and created everything from scratch. Since then, without changing a thing, this same issue has appeared.


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Re: Broadcast and key map toggles messed up

Possibly something related to another thing you're doing wrong. It would be helpful to see your current config:


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