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Ignore Mouse in Main Window

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Ignore Mouse in Main Window

There might be many ways to solve this problem, but here is my setup:

Diablo 3, 4 characters.
Left monitor has 3 characters that are dps characters.
Middle monitor has main character who is a CC character.

What I would LIKE to do is when I have the CC character in position, I can simply leave him there and he ignores the mouse and keys (except a select few that I manually hotkey to him via ISBoxer.)

I have the latter part working, by creating a hotkey that changes repeater target to "all w/o current" and blocks buttons to main window. Now my buttons, etc only control my left 3 characters correctly.

Trouble is, I'm still controlling them using the main window, so the mouse is still functioning there. This means my CC character targets wherever my mouse pointer points rather than where I left him (I'd like him to just target himself as he's in the middle of everything.)

I was thinking maybe I need to set it up in some way so that I actually move my mouse to one of my dps characters on the left monitor and control them there? Whenever I click on a region it pulls it center, so I'd have to temporarily disable that behavior I suppose to do this, but I thought maybe there is a smarter way.


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Post Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:41 pm

Re: Ignore Mouse in Main Window

There may be other ways, but you may be able to do it with a couple of mapped keys which trap the mouse buttons and direct them to only the other windows.
You'll still have the mouse movement, but when you click no effect locally.

If the Mapped Keys are normally disabled (Advanced option), you can then use a Mapped Key State Action to enable them as part of your hotkey to change the Repeater target, and disable them again when you set your repeater target back to "normal".

If it wasn't clear, the mapped keys have a hotkey of Mouse1, and the action is a keystroke action which sends Mouse1 to a target of Window:All w/o Current, etc.
If you use them, you will end up needing the Mouse2, and SHIFT+Mouse1 etc. as well.

And because I always forget stuff.
In the long run it may be easier to create a Key Map, drop all these special Mapped Keys into it, and then just use a Key Map State Action to turn on the Key Map when you set your repeater target, and then turn it off again.

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