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Slot shows in two regions after swapping

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Slot shows in two regions after swapping


I used the window layout wizard to create a 2 monitor, videofx layout with 5 slots. The right monitor is the active region, and slot 1 is roaming. The intent is to swap without holes.

Everything works perfectly when it first starts up. Slot 1 is in the active region, and slots 2,3,4,5 are in their respective home regions. Moving the mouse over any region on either display correctly interacts. Swapping also works correctly. For instance, swapping slot 3 to the active region puts slot 1 in region 3 as expected.

The issue occurs after swapping. When mousing onto display 2 - any part of display 2, even the empty area between regions - whichever slot is active gets duplicated to its home region, and roaming slot 1 is not displayed at all. So after swapping slot 3 with slot 1, it looks correct if the mouse is over the active region, but if the mouse is moved to display 2, slot 1 disappears and a second copy of slot 3 is shown.

Swapping back to slot 1, the problem continues; now, mousing over any part of display 2 causes two copies of the roaming slot to display.

Can you help? Thanks.

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Re: Slot shows in two regions after swapping

Yeah, the No Holes VideoFX layout has a bug. It's somewhere on the list to be fixed.

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