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An ISBoxer walkthrough video for EVE Online by Pyrostasis

EVE Online is a space-themed MMORPG developed by CCP Games. The ISBoxer multiboxing software is fully compatible with EVE Online.

Some highlights of using ISBoxer for EVE Online:

  • Manage lots of EVE windows with ISBoxer's easy to use Window Layout engine, with one click to launch all windows
  • Control multiple ships at the same time with keyboard and mouse broadcasting, with the ability to move ships and perform targeting together and more!
  • Link custom hotkeys to all windows for module control and other common activities
  • prefs.ini and core_public__.dat will automatically be kept separate per Character, making it easy to use different video or audio settings per window, and each window always has the right account saved in the login box and ready to go!
  • Many EVE Online ISBoxers choose to purchase game time with ISK, EVE's in-game currency instead of paying cash for several accounts


  • Since the Incursion patch, ISBoxer's mouse broadcasting works better when EVE is set to Fullscreen mode in the in-game options.

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