GUIDE: How to configure a party - Cleric & 4 Control Wizards

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Cleric & 4 Control Wizard multi-box setup. This Devoted Cleric & 4 Control Wizard (CW) setup allows full control of the Devoted Cleric party leader (SLOT 1), to Off-tank and control heals while using the striking power and OP CC (Crowd Control) capabilities of the CWs to manage the fight. This guide shows you how to get all 4 CWs to follow and assist the cleric with the full range of Q, E, R, 1, 2 and mouse attacks. Additionally the guide explains how you can set up to selectively deliver full salvos of attacks for massive damage or round-robin for CC's and selective takedowns - with both options always available on the fly.

Submitted by Sylver 11 years ago