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[WoW] Face To Target Problem

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Face To Target Problem

Hello everyone,

I hope you can help me and that it is in the right topic.
My problem is that not all my toons fully follow the Face to Target command. I hope that I can describe it understandably.
Also, forgive me my probably bad english. And my length explanation.

If I click on an NPC and give the command to "Interact with target", everyone goes straight to the NPC. Command issued correctly.

If I give the toons the command with the "Face to target" function, I have to press the button more often or I stay on it. Then they go to the NPC. Command issued correctly.

When I aim at the dummy, it does not work properly anymore. My setup is a mix "3 Range DD's (1 x shaman, 1 x mage, 1 x warlock), 1 heal (Druid), 1 tank (monk)".

Now if I give the command "Interact with target". The tank, heal and 1 RDD run to the dummy. The other RDD pick up the target but stay the way they are at the moment without turning (the target is within range). If the dummy is not in range, they all run in the direction. When the dummy is within range, the Mage and Warlock stop, the others run to the dummy. (I do not say "Interact with target" for the fight because I do not want everyone to stand by the tank, but why are only the two standing behind?).

When I give the "Face to Target" command and press the button, all the turning around should be in the direction of the target. And when I keep pressing the button, the toons get closer to the target. (that's what I want). But not all, the Mage and the Warlock stay as they are and take aim. Everyone else turns and approaches the target. Except the target is not in range then it is like "Interact with target". When I press the button for "Face to Target" all the Toons direction target turn everything well. I press the button again, the toons go to the target all right. Once the target is within reach, the mage and warlock will stop. The other toons would continue to run when I press the button.

Why is that, that everyone keeps running? Only the Mage and the Warlock stand still.

In the Acount where the Mage is, I also have a Druid. The same with the Warlock. When I am logged in on both druids, the "face to target" works. I do not understand that. I'm desperate because of that.

It's important to me when I use the (face to target) button that the toon turns to the target. And if he is not within reach he is approaching the target. Even if I have to press the button more often until he is within reach. I do not really want more. But that does not work. :(

I hope you can help me.


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Re: Face To Target Problem

only classes with a melee spec can use face target correctly as IWT will force them to run at your target.
True casters will only move if they are out of range completely.

This goes back to them having wands basically. Hunters are considered casters in this function.


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Re: Face To Target Problem

First, thanks for the quick response.

Of course that's a problem. Is there a way to get around this? Is there a topic or video to look for the solution?

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