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PLEASE HELP! New to ISBoxer, Star Wars Galaxies

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PLEASE HELP! New to ISBoxer, Star Wars Galaxies

I programmed all of the information to get this working, but when I try to launch it from Inner-Space, it does not work.
I'm using Windows 7. I got it to load up the old launch-pad, but the old launch-pad does not have a spot to launch the game?
I'm so confused.


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Re: PLEASE HELP! New to ISBoxer, Star Wars Galaxies

Try this. Go into innerspace configuration, click on game configuration, in the top drop down box pick Star Wars Galaxies, go to the bottom drop down box and pick Star Wars Galaxies Default Profile and make sure this is entered.
Main executable filename LaunchPad.exe
Main executable parameters /game:starwars
Main executable path C:\Program Files\Sony\Station\LaunchPad

Hopefully this helps

Also not sure if you know but you have to edit the SWG folder to get it to run multiple copies of the game

If you have multiple SWG accounts and want to run them both at the same time, you will need to make a configuration change to the game before this is possible.

Disclaimer: Please read and understand the entire procedure before attempting this.

Open notepad (or your favorite text editor) and paste these two lines into it:


For this to work, you must save it as the proper file type since notepad will save it as a .txt file by default.

Save the file into your SWG folder.
Unless you installed it into a different location, it will be C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies

Name the file user.cfg

Click the "Save as type" drop down list and select: All Files

http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t7/E ... veasxp.png

http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t7/E ... svista.png

If you do not change the file type, Notepad will actually save the file as user.cfg.txt (even though you won't see the .txt extension) and it won't work.

You can now run multiple instances of SWG on your computer.

First, launch the game and log in.
Once you get past the character select screen and start loading into the world, you can alt-tab back to the desktop and launch the game again.

Some Important Notes
- If the user.cfg file already exists in your SWG folder, just add the two lines to it.
- Exit out of the game before doing this. It will not work if the game is already running.
- You must have multiple SWG accounts. This will not let you log in the same account more than once.
- If it doesn't work, it is very likely that you didn't change the "Save as type" selection.
- Do not launch the second instance until the first one is loading into the world or you will probably crash.
- Running multiple games is VERY system intensive and while you can theoretically run more than two instances, it isn't recommended.
- This is a configuration change and is NOT considered a client mod so it does not violate the EULA.

TestCenter Notes
- You must put a second copy of user.cfg inside your testcenter folder to be able to run multiple instances of the TC client.

Windows Vista Notes
Vista comes with an annoying thing called User Account Control (UAC) enabled by default.
This may or may not cause problems with saving the file and the workarounds for it are currently outside the scope of this guide.
Please check the FAQ stickied at the top of the Tech Support forum for some tips in dealing with Vista issues.

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