Post Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:07 pm

UserPreferences not being saved

I have the 64-bit InnerSpace option checked in ISBoxer.

This is what I discovered and what I did to fix the problem. The problem was my UserPreferences were not being saved. After I logged in, i would change sound and graphic options. I then opened up File Explorer and discovered that the UserPreference file was being created as a folder, not a txt file. I deleted this and then made some preference changes and then reverted back to what I wanted. Logged in a character, then logged out of the game. I noticed that the UserPreference file was created properly for char-1 at this point.

So I repeated this for Char-2, Char-3 and Char-4. This did allow for the UserPreference files to be created properly, as far as format (txt), there was two sections being left out [Launcher] and [User-1]. The files were also not being written with spacing between the sections ( i know this isn't necessary, but the Char-1 file was written with the spacing). So I copied the contents of Char-1 (not the file) and replaced the contents with User-1. Then I changed the account name in each file to reflect the correct account.

This solved my problem.

I think this could be a bug in IS and how it is working with LotRO.