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LoTRO Configuration File

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Re: LoTRO Configuration File

I agree with starting Fresh and Clean with the Quick Start Wizard. It does work and is a nice starting point for learning how to work with ISBoxer/Innerspace

At some point you will want to add some flavour and control. This is where the profile I have provided will help.....not only with LoTRO but other games as well.

I updated it based upon some comments here and then returning to the game and looking over the configuration again....particularly the descriptions of what each Keymap Variable actually does. Please have a look at the top posting for detailed information. If you are having troubles with something you may always PM me and I will help as much as possible.



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Re: LoTRO Configuration File


This is an old topic, I have come from Isboxer for WoW to Isboxer for LOTRO. I had Isboxer working great with WoW.

I have had a devil of a time getting simple autofollow to work. I've started with a clean start of Isboxer, ran the wizard, and watched the the Isboxer v41 LOTRO setup video. But autofollow won't work.

When I press the hotkey, my other character targets the leader, but that's it. I've tried the different autofollow methods within Isboxer, to no avail.

I tried loading up the configuration here, and the autofollow didn't work there either.

Does anyone have a working config with Isboxer42 with autofollow working that they could share? Or maybe Krixa you have an updated version of your config you can share?

In the end, the only way I could get it working was to create a new step after the working target step, and point it to an alias of the /follow command on the taskbar. I'd like to do things more elegantly, but I spent 3 hours just to get to that working point :-)

Thanks in advance!


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Re: LoTRO Configuration File

The normal follow/assist method for Lotro is "Target current Slot, then Follow/Assist Target"

You do need to make sure the Variable Keystroke -> Follow Target is set with the in game bind for follow. If using the Quick Setup Wizard, this would be set for you if you filled out the relevant field.


If you don't fill them out in the Wizard, the items it is setting are in Variable Keystrokes.

These should match in game options for:


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Re: LoTRO Configuration File

Thanks Bob,

With that information I was finally able to get follow working!

The key for me was where you said "These should match in game options for: follow assist use"

The LOTRO in game default key for Follow is E. I unbound that key and set it to F. And I set "Follow Target" variable keystroke to F.

Once I did that, Follow worked!

But only in a Fellowship. That confused me a bit too. I guess I don't quite fully grasp all of Isboxer.

But it's working :-) Thanks!

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