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LOTRO State of game/multiboxing?

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LOTRO State of game/multiboxing?

I was considering going back to LOTRO (just couldn't get into SWTOR, nor really an mmo) for a while and was wondering how other multi-boxers felt the game was going? I have all the full quest package on 6 accounts, so there should be plenty to do, anyone else gone back to LOTRO and enjoying it now? Also, I was wondering about team setups. It appears there have been some tanking changes and I was curious as to whether Captains or Champions are viable for tanking all the 6 man content, or whether Wardens are fixed (and multi-boxable)? I wanted to try using a burglar, but hadn't ever attempted it before because of positioning, but it seems like it might be doable.

I was considering a Captain, Chamption, Burglar, Minstrel, Hunter, Loremaster (or rune) setup, but I am not sure whether that is too complicated and/or is missing synergy. Should I save myself the trouble and use a Guardian or Warden? Thanks


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Re: LOTRO State of game/multiboxing?

At the moment wardens take heavy damage because of new damage mitigation curves being implemented for medium armour.
If you want a solid tank go for a guard ;-)

Lotro is still fun (for me). Interesting new areas und instances. The epic quests is also very funnny. Amongst other things you are kidnapped to Isengard where you are a prisoner for several quests.
The Orthanc Raid is one of the toughist raids ever....

The only annoying thing in regard to multiboxing is that in the RoI Quests there repeatetly Solo-Quests which you have to make with each of your fellowship-members. And you HAVE to do them, because if you do not there will be huge quest chains cut off.

By the way: Today is release for Update6. A new area plus some new things (acount-wide barter wallet, etc.)

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