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Melee move to target

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Melee move to target


Im a long time lotro player who is now taking a different approach to the game. Im just relaxed and questing and Im having fun 3 boxing.

Char1 & Char3 are ranged, Char2 is melee.
Is it possible to make Char2 move into melee range of Char1 target when the fight starts?

Any other improvements or advice?

Thank you.



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Post Sun Jun 13, 2021 1:40 am

Re: Melee move to target


There's an option in the game called "Enable Movement Assistance in Combat" under the Combat Options. This will cause your melee toon to move towards the target when executing an attack skill. I'm not sure if you will have to send a movement command to break follow before hand or not. See if that works for you. I haven't tested having melee follow range and then begin attacking to see if it works.

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