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Inviting Fellowship Members

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Post Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:15 pm

Inviting Fellowship Members

First, thank you for instructions on how to invite the crew with a hotkey. I set it up and with only a little puzzlement, it works great! I have two questions:

1. This is my first time working with steps. Is it working correctly that I press the hot key 10 times to invite the 5 characters? (Enter/text + enter) x 5? I was not sure if the steps are supposed to be automatic or manual. Not a problem, just checking.

2. The setup invites my current Character Set of Hobbits (Group A). If I want to use Invite on my other set of Elves (Group B) for which I haven't yet made a Character Set, do I have to set up a new hotkey? Or will ISB recognize the names and use them to correspond to {Slot2}, etc? Is there something specific I need to do? (Asking before I mess everything up, lol)


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Post Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:53 pm

Re: Inviting Fellowship Members

A step of a mapped key is executed each time you press the hotkey.

You can, on the mapped key, change the Execute a Step option to "pressed OR released", and it will execute 2 steps on each cycle. One when you press down and another when you let go. This will shrink it to 5 presses. I usually end up with a popup text action and a Do Not Advance for x.x seconds on the last step, so I can just pound the key and wait for the popup to appear - then I know it is done.

If you have used the variables {SLOT2}, {SLOT3}, etc it should just work for all sets.

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