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Eve Online

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Eve Online

Followed ISBoxer intallation as per Y.T. Video.
No 'Bin' file found. But found Eve.exe file. (Not launcher)
No Minimal setting on instalation. Used alternate.
I get an "Incompatible (Release)' fail msg.

Any thoughts.... help?
(Maybe update Youtube installation video)



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Re: Eve Online

Whatever you're pointing Inner Space at should be the same thing you normally launch the game with, it's not magic. What you're missing is written in the description of the youtube video:
Please note that some time after this video was produced, EVE changed the login process to require use of the launcher, as opposed to launching the client directly as was done in this video. You can just have Inner Space use the Eve Launcher.

The reason you get "incompatible" from the game client itself is you have an old copy of the game client that you're telling it to launch.

You either want to point Inner Space at the official EVE Launcher (e.g. drag the desktop shortcut into the Add Game Window), or use ISBoxer EVE Launcher (ISBEL). ISBEL is used by most EVE players on the ISBoxer Discord, see https://github.com/LavishSoftware/ISBoxerEVELauncher#recommendations-for-isboxer

Please don't start any new threads for this issue, which is the same thing as your previous thread: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9812

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