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Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

When you are in highsec, most belts have 4 roids. and one has alot more than the rest. for your toon, go to overview setting in the mining tab, deselect all, and pick one roid for each.

Like for me, i have one kernite, one scordite, one pyrox, and one veldspar for each belt, and i am now up to 3 teams of 4, with an orca. 13 toons. this stops all overlap, and each team is set up in an action target group and i just jump to the leader of each set and warp them to the teams belt. one team per belt, one toon per roid. easy peasy.


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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

Using 12 accounts, I have 2 Orcas and 10 Hulks in a belt. One Orca is the dedicated booster and where all my miners dump their Ore. My Second Orca is just for hauling. I drag all the ore out of the booster's fleet hanger into the second Orca until it is full, then fly it to the POS or Station. If you are on the ball, you can easily haul everything out of a system to the next system, dump it and return before the boosing Orca is full again.

As for the Hulks... I have 2 for each Ore type. The first one starts at the closest roids, the second and the farthest. That accounts for the first 8 Hulks. The last 2 hulks I use on whatever ore there is most of. This allows me to completely clear an entire belt in a very short time.

Although I also have 20 active Accounts, the rest are dedicated PVP and not connected to my mining corp or my Alliance.

My screen layout is one main all the way across the top with 10 small windows across the bottom.

All my Hulks are Heavy Shield Tanked. I do not mine as fast, but I do not loose a lot of Hulks either. The last 7 man battleship suicide ganker fleet to hit me was only able to take out one 200 million ISK Hulk. I on the other hand was able to salvage 400 million ISK from their wrecks. :) Still at this level mining, you do become a prime target, but you make a hell of a lot more than you loose.


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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

I am curious, do you guys use mining crystals?


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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

Personally, I only mine Ice - can't stand mining ore, way too fiddly with the tiny size of asteroids!
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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

Has anybody found a way to get everybody to access an orca's fleet hangar without having to individually go through each alt?

I was thinking about adding industrial ships to each one of my ore specific overview settings so the orca shows up in the top slot of all overviews. Has anybody found a better way of doing this? I could use 2 orcas but then I have to drop a hulk so it's just the 1 for the time being.


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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

Hi everyone,

ISBoxer, this software rocks.!!

Just started using ISBoxer sinds 2 days now for Eve-online.

My main usage right now is just window placement and some basic key maps (activating tank on Exhumer's)

ISBoxer is a relay good addition to my multibox gaming experience.
Only downside is Eve-online itself, there are no real good fleet options available in-game.
Would be awesome to see in-game key-binding for things like follow, keep at range, for fleet members (etc).
Also lacking the ability to open the fleet hangars without clicking the ship in either the overview or direct in space.

Do any of you have some tips you would like to share in setting-up additional functions from ISBoxer to complement Eve-Online??


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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

the fleet hangar issue is only really an issue if you are useing more than 7 toons, as the average 1 minutes 20 second dock drop times only add up to reduce your isk enough to get a hauler after that. if you are using a hauler, something you can do is have a roaming orca for hauling. control the orca in-between resetting lasers.

Fleet boosting only becomes valuable after 5 toons, as the boosts on up to 4 do not equal the amount a 5th mackinaw can mine. And hulks are only 2% more than mackinaws. so they are not the absolute best, and are quite a bit more work. if you reset your lasers every half cycle like me, it burns out crystals WAY faster, actually reducing the value you get from rocks.


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Re: Eve Mining, Simple Setup Guide.

Hey All,

I myself mine with 6 miners, 1 orca, 1 freighter and 1 combat pilot.

I usually have the 6 miners in either hulk or macks spread across the belt with the orca in the middle boosting with a tractor on it. The miners individually drop cans and mine into that until they are full. the orca then tractors the cans and scoopes them. Freighter warps in and scoops from the orca and docks. I find I can go more places with this setup because the freighter can hold soo much I often mine in quiet systems with no station to be left alone.

Combat toon usually is a alpha nado at 70km off so if a ganker warps in you an usually alpha them before concord gets there if they are in a destroyer and save your mining ships. by having them spread out they are less of a target for SB BS also.

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