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Pvp/Mining Setup

Hey guys.

I'm sure that some of you have alot of questions regarding multiboxing in eve, if you recently started isboxing. I sure had my issues and there's still alot i have to explore, however untill i find a better way, if there's a better way. This is the way i do stuff in eve.

To start with the most important thing is the Window Layout, then Keybinding thoes windows to shortcuts so you can easily switch between them. (I assume you've been setting up your character set using the Wizards quick setup.)
I highly recommend using DXnothing in your setup aswell, links below to Lax' guide.

That's how my character set looks with DXnothing.

And this is my Window layout.
Basically i got all my Character windows Placed below 1-7. While their hotkey to switch between them is ctrl-1 - ctrl-7.

in-game view of it. Also sorry for the White holes, but you never know where pictures go.

What i really want you guys to pay attention to, is Region 8 and 9. Region 8 is my Targetting Window/Scout window for Pvp. Region 9 is Local, location, undock, Health, and basically Status of every Slot.

Why is this usefull?
I can look at Several different places at the same time, just by having alts there. while my main is sitting docked up on i know what's coming.
To show you what i mean:

You probably get the jizt of it anyway, let's get abit more technical about it.

Open your Isboxer Control Panel (Default is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + G) and let's start out with Video FX.
You should have a window like this:

For you to get the basics down i'll let Mirai explain it on his Video posted on Youtube.
There is a couple of things Mirai doesn't show you though, since it seems to be a teeny tiny bit outdated.

So i'm going to give you a few hints.
First off if i select my "Local" window which is what i call my Local Chat on my Video FX Setup. I can see exactly where it's placed how wide it is, how tall it is.
As you can see you can see, you can duplicate this same setup on all your monitors down to the same pixel. Simply because you know it's width and height.
That's how i made my Region 9. All i did was doing 254*4.

Now let's get back to why i'm using Video FX only, and not repeaters. As i stated earlier, i'm using Scouts and some RR (Remote Repair), i don't need duplicated keys.
There's a special option in the Viewer where you can let your mouse AND whatever key you hit pass through it.
Since i'm using my alts for Scouts and RR it wouldn't be optimal for me to switch around to all of them if i'm in a battle with someone, however i can pre target whoever i want to target. Which brings me to Click bars, and Key Maps.

Click bars are really neat, because you can place them on your screen and make them execute stuff on e.g Left clicking on them, and various other things.
Let's go back to Isboxer toolkit.

I made my Click execute this Key map, when i press it, to activate my Sensors on one of my characters.
You have to mark "Hold any Keystroke Actions while Hotkey is held" if you're using any weird keys like Alt/Shift/CTRL, else it won't do it properly. I did so the only character there's in that group is the character that is going to perform that, which is the reason is the reason why i got 2 different Keymaps.

Repeaters aren't my favourite as it seems you can't determine size etc about it like you can with Video FX Yet.