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Make the settings (I will pay) a full group

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Make the settings (I will pay) a full group

Can someone do all the settings for the program for me and I will pay him for his fees by PayPal?
full group


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Re: Make the settings (I will pay) a full group

Someone would have to have intimate knowledge of not only Aion, but of all of those classes and how they work together to provide you with what you want. On top of that, you'd have to keep paying the person money, because you'd want to keep making changes to your profile, yet you wouldn't know how.

Regardless, this forum is not meant to be a marketplace for users to ask others for help with the incentive of money, but rather a forum that is meant for free support for ISBoxer (the product you're already paying for). I'm closing this thread, but we suggest that you learn how to properly use the software using the documentation that is already available, and ask questions as you go.

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