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How do you box different classes?

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How do you box different classes?

Right now all I can manage is 3 Mages because its pretty much idiot proof. 1 macro to assist main and send pets. Then macros for Bolt, Magic Nuke, Rain, summon Pet, Buff Pet, Origin, and then Sit. So how do people box full groups? I would love to 4 box something like Bard for pulling, SK, Mage, and Shaman but no idea how. I mean if I press 1 on my SK to do something then every other character is going to press what ever is on their 1 key. If I am healing with my Shaman and Nuking with my Mage and I need to sit back down in order to med I cant just hit my Sit key because then everyone will sit and then my Tank will eat a quad attack for max damage. I just cant seem to figure out how to make this work with different classes.


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Re: How do you box different classes?

ISBoxer does have the capability of a Key Remap.
This means that when you press the "1" key, you can send "P" to the game.

You can also change/specify the Target, so you can press 1, send P to the character in slot 1 only, rather than all the characters. Then you can also setup multiple actions for each key press, so you can press 1, and send P to slot 1, and K to slot 2 and 6 to slot 3, and 1 to slot 4, etc.... all at the same time and all with the single keypress.

To configure this setup, you can use the Mapped Key Wizard to create the initial mapped key, but you will then need to edit it yourself to add the extra actions.
Details on mapped keys: http://www.isboxer.com/wiki/Mapped_Key
and Actions: http://www.isboxer.com/wiki/Actions

Then there is the fancy setup, called Pro Config.

There are some videos on the Pro Config starting here.


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Re: How do you box different classes?

At the risk of making this more complicated, I would like to add that it is also possible to send a key to a group of characters (whatever slots they are in). So it is possible to have a group "PetUsers" and add appropriate characters to this group. If you have a 'SendPet' key, then direct it to the PetUsers group.

You probably don't want to start here, but remember that it is possible. Try it later when you are ready.

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