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Virutal Files

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Virutal Files


I am making a new character set, with new characters. This will be the 3rd set ive done, and everything seems fine, however when I launch the game to try and save eqlsPlayerData-name.ini, it creates the wrong file for a few of the characters for whatever reason.

Of note:

I have checked over and over and over again that the account name is correct in isboxer GUI

When i check the other characters eqlsPlayerData, it is also not named correctly

When creating the new characters, i just right-click copied an old character


From what i can tell it is using ATG's to pick the names?

Any ideas on what i did wrong?


Figured this out, if you go to the character, lower left under virtual files, you can rename the file!


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Re: Virutal Files

When you copy an existing character, the details of the virtual files for that character are copied too.

Select the Character in the top left pane, select the virtual file in the lower left pane, and replace the name portion in the Virtualize As box (which will probably be the name of the character you copied from).

edit: Saw your edit :)

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