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Window Region Focus Change issue

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Post Fri Mar 10, 2023 12:49 am

Window Region Focus Change issue

Another question:

I have dual monitors with a three box setup with a 3 region window layout. All of the regions are on Monitor 2. I play EQ on Monitor 2 but use Monitor 1 for web browsing or other apps when I am playing.

When I am working on Monitor 1, if I reduce the app I am using on Monitor 1, it causes the current region inside of ISBoxer to change to another region on Monitor 2.

Anyway to stop this?


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Post Fri Mar 10, 2023 9:48 pm

Re: Window Region Focus Change issue

That sounds like Windows is setting the focus of an application when you minimize your other application, and if that newly focused application happens to be one of the smaller views of EQ, then it gets swapped to the main region because the Swapping option is set to "Always" (or something that allows the swap to happen).
While you can change the Swap option it may not stop windows from setting focus where you don't expect it, however you may not notice this depending on how you play.

I would set this option to "Never" or "only when I press a Slot activate hotkey" (which should still allow the CTRL+ALT+X hotkeys to work if you want this - your clickbar will work regardless).


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