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Account loading problems with port error

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Post Sun Jan 29, 2023 7:47 pm

Account loading problems with port error

ISB/Innerspace is horrible to work with at moment. I try to find out what the main reason is but since the last patch from DGB i get regularly errors like this:

lavisherror.jpg (17.25 KiB) Viewed 6040 times

I can only assume that Innerspace/ISB connects after every account/toon backchecking something on the lavish server which would be really unnecessary. Checking for the legality once on starting the software is logical. Checking it on every loading of a toon is unnecessary waste of traffic and could result in problems if the traffic could get a bit more intense. But I have no clue if that error message can mean different things, e.g. some internal communication between Innerspace and ISB. The only change on the system was an update patch a couple of days ago. I tried to use my old backup in case something on the system was wrong. The same problems. A second system which runs parallel has the same issues. I have enough days on the sub, so that cannot be a cause. Any ideas?


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Post Sun Jan 29, 2023 8:54 pm

Re: Account loading problems with port error

Indeed it checks your licence on every launch action.

Is it unnecessary. No. Some people leave their computer and it's applications running for months at a time.
Is it wasteful bandwidth. No. The check is tiny. Less than is used for the login process of most games. If you wanted a number, less than 2KB. Does it take time. Yes. Usually it is over and done with in 500ms.

As for the error. Timeouts can happen for a variety of reasons (the port is not important here, 443 is HTTPS pretty much used by every website).
The most common reason for a timeout is a break in some routing path in the internet which is inconveniencing you at the moment for reliable traffic to one or more endpoints (and probably anyone else that ends up using a similar routing path - so others on your ISP, or in the local area - sometimes it can be wider depending on where the issue is in the path).
One endpoint you are using at the time is the Lavishsoft.com servers.

Routing breaks happen because hardware fails and even those the TCP backbone is somewhat self healing in design, it takes time to propagate any change (whether manual intervention or not) to the hundreds/thousands of core interconnects that need to be updated, so it causes a few hiccups in the meantime. Routing breaks can also happen by bad configuration changes. One memorable time that happened to me recently when Microsoft stuffed up a BGP change on Azure and several countries then had unreliable connections to some of our servers (not Lavishsoft - they don't run on Azure).

Most of the time the a routing break streak is somewhere along the chain of of devices the traffic is going through. Rarely it could be something you can control, such as your local internet router needs a reboot or you have local firewall software that has decided to block Inner Space from connecting to the internet. Very rarely it can be something directly under Lavishsoft's control, such as the servers are offline for some reason.

So the mega question. What can I do?
There are two options that spring to mind.
  • Wait. It should come right in a few hours (yes this could be damn annoying if you are expecting to sit down for a good multiboxing session). Feel free to post here/ask in Discord. Most of the time you will get an answer similar to above such as it is the vagaries of the internet (which is not meant to blow people off, but rather to indicate that they don't have a cable running from their house directly to the datacentre housing Lavishsoft servers - traffic passes via many different backbone bandwidth providers). Very rarely it might be something that Lavishsoft can actively influence so might even be able to provide a status update.
  • Some people use a VPN to get around it the issue. A VPN changes your effective entry path to the internet so can result in a different routing path used to connect to the Lavishsoft server. This is also the method used by some persons who live in countries with restrictive govt internet monitoring which also can interfere.

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