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Dummies question 2...

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Post Mon Feb 19, 2024 1:30 pm

Dummies question 2...

(didn't want to hijack the other question.)

So i have seen things talking about virtually mapping a key.

So let's see if i understand this.

I have (for example HB2B1 to HB2B12 mapped to Alt F1 to Alt F12.

I use HB2B12 for target using Alt F12
I use HB2B11 for assist using Alt F11
If i create a virtual map for Alt A to use the map for HB2B12 then if i have the mapped key for HB2B12 would that be the way mapped key virtualization works?

I know i am on the verge of understanding how make this work and able to be diagnosed when it does not?


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Re: Dummies question 2...

Virtualization could be thought of a replacement system. Or a named action system as it basically matches on names.

You have a Hotkey; G
When you press G it triggers an action which says Do my DPS Rotation mapped key on all windows.
Each window then looks up what their DPS Rotation mapped key is, and does that.

Now, the virtualization part of it, is that each window can have a mapped key called DPS Rotation, and they all do things that are specific to that window. i.e. it is not required that they all receive the same key combos. One window might receive an A, another window a CTRL+T, third window might do nothing.

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