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been using isboxer for a bit. but have always done moslty caster groups as don't gota worry bout having them in the right spot all the time.

atm I box bst(my main) 2 mages bard cleric sham using one of the mage with a earth pet as tank playing the bst 90% of the time. bard i place near where i have mage pet parked playing songs and hopping he in ranger to melee.

I figure someone is doing what i am bout to ask and just seeing how much of a difference or issues i have.

If i want to stay on the bst most of the time how hard is it to say place a sk in spot with the bard right beside him and using just a spam key have the sk get and keep agro?


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Re: tanks

The answer will vary from person to person. My issue was similar but different. I wanted to play a ranger 80% of the time and pull to a boxed SK tank.

For my playstyle/skills (or lack of)/preference, I gave up and resorted to playing the SK 90% of the time as tank and puller, and turning my "main" ranger into an autofire/headshot/ranged nuker. I found that positioning melee was a constant issue, and tanking was technically complex. I could not condense it into a spam key. For fighting on the move, not setting up a camp, positioning an "archer" was an issue too, but the easy solution was to set him to autofollow someone who was autofollowing the tank, so that gave him the extra distance needed.

On the plus side, learning to pull with the SK and use feign death is part of the game that has been enjoyable to explore and learn, at the expense of some XP.

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