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First time user - Can't click character select

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First time user - Can't click character select

I followed the set up guide step by step and didn't change anything. When I launch EQ I am able to click and type in my user name and password without any issues. When I get to the character select screen I can't use the keyboard or mouse to select anything within the game. Is this a known problem? I've tried searching the forum and Google without luck.


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Re: First time user - Can't click character select

idk, if this is the issue you are having.

I've had it before with EQ where the game does not set the resolution correctly, and this affects the input. It can take several attempts of launches and/or keyboard navigation to get it to work.
Sometimes resorting to editing the eqclient-CHARNAME.ini files has been needed (you can try just deleting these if this is the first time attempting to get it running).


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Re: First time user - Can't click character select

my game will be set to full screen mode while isboxer is rendering in windowed mode and it will case weirdness. Alt-Enter to swap between them usually fixes is :eek:

just a thought

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