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eq 3 box noob need help

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eq 3 box noob need help

i am trying to set up a 3 box team with a 110 shadow knight as the main screen and a ranger and zerker as dps ( maybe a mage or wizard in the near future ) with 1 - 3 mercs depending so far i have them set up so that 1 2 and 3 spam most of there spells and ability's i want to change from 1 2 3 to maybe some unused F keys or something else that wont effect typing if i use my programmable key . i cant figure out how to get them to sit follow and assist the right way at the moment i have macro keys for follow and assist and a sit button on the last 3 keys of hotbar number 1 that i use from a click bar that i somehow got up and working .

if anyone could help me beef up my set up and make it run smoothly id really appreciate it im lost and its taken me 3 full days to get this far



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Re: eq 3 box noob need help

Here are the lines for what I use for my follow social:
/pause 5, /target Prepared

I have that set up the same on all characters that follow my main character which is named Prepared. The 5 indicates a half of a second after targeting the Prepared character before executing /follow. This is because of a slight delay from the server to the client over the Internet.

Then I have another social for my assist and initial cast:
/pause 5, /assist Prepared
/pause 5, /pet attack
/cast 4

The above executes the spell I have in spell mem slot 4 which is the opening spell for each character that casts something on the enemy that Prepared has targeted.

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