Post Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:53 pm

Re: Character Set bugged in latest patch

To get Glyph to work properly (with Inner Space anyway) you tend to need to be on a current release of Windows (i.e. up to date on Windows Update). It's a bit unique like that, but has tended to resolve weird issues like this.

Other than that, nothing really stands out as being a problem, although it was missing the Application Compatibility registry keys from your diagnostic there, so I can't be sure if there was anything significant in it around Inner Space/ISBoxer or your game. You'll have to make that call.

/e, Thought I'd add. Seeing as you are on Windows Enterprise, that Windows Update might not provide the option to update to 10.0.10586. Windows Enterprise tends to be more "slow ring" so does not end up with the large stream of updates that Home and Professional get.

Restrictions on visibility of major Windows updates for Enterprise customers. i.e. the 1511 (10586) patch will not show up on Win 10 in the following scenarios.
  • If you have upgraded/installed to Windows 10 less than 31 days ago.
  • If you have selected to Defer updates in Windows 10 then you won't get this one.
  • If you have installed and then uninstalled the upgrade, then you won't get it again via Windows Update.
  • If you have set group policy to disable updates, defer them, or just redirect the update server.

You can force it by switching to the Preview Program, or getting the ISO (which is available from MSDN/VLSC from MS), or trawling 3rd party sites, or reversing out any prevention methods.