Post Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:40 pm

Re: Devilian

I've locked the thread because this is not a mega-thread, we do not need to post every devilian related item in this single thread. If you're having an issue or have a question about Devilian, please start a new thread.

So, I've been trying to set up this up to multibox (I'm also brand new to ISBoxer which probably doesn't help either), and I keep getting an error (even when I try to launch each character individually) about failing to reset the verification module... however, when I launch the game normally everything seems to be working fine. I am using the glyph client currently, not steam.

This will happen if Glyph is not running when Devilian launches. The Trion web site says to set Glyph to stay open after Devilian is launched. I'm guessing yours is set differently when using ISBoxer