Post Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:07 pm

ISBoxer 2 2.2.731.2

ISBoxer 2 Alpha version 2.2.731.2 is available now through the update process.

- Inner Space build 6487 or later is required
- BREAKING CHANGE: Due to new ISBoxer 2 Skin usage, "Video FX Layout" Module must be updated to 0.4 or later
- JSON builder looks a lot less cancerous
- MappedHotkeys and GameKeyBindings that are not currently activated by a Module no longer automatically apply
- Hotkeys are now enabled at startup if the "enabled" property is set to true
- Active vs Inactive window implementation
- unicast/multicast tasks can now target ISBoxer 2
- Module Support
  * Module publishing/installation now ignores files and directories that begin with . (such as .git)
  * LavishScript controller now includes TeamMemberOptions and CharacterOptions
- In-game GUI
  * ISBoxer 2 skin improved and is now automatically applied
  * ISBoxer 2 Main Button context menu implemented
  * ISBoxer 2 Window context menu implemented
  * "Windows" window added (not fully implemented)
  * GUI tab added to ISBoxer 2 settings window
  * Master Broadcaster is now more transparent
- Lua
  * New function PushGUIProfile(name,target,targets)
  * New function UpdateGUIProfile(source,json object)
- New Tasks
  * isboxer2launcher.PushGUIProfile
  * isboxer2launcher.UpdateGUIProfile
  * isboxer2.SetGUIProfile
  * isboxer2.ShowTitleBar

This will be one of the last Alpha releases. ISBoxer 2 is quite nearing the Beta stage :)

The end of Alpha should pretty much mean that most of the back end stuff is done, meaning that it's essentially ready for developers to build Modules that are easy to install and use and do awesome things. During the upcoming Beta phase, we'll be putting the polish on everything and filling in any missing details.

So with that in mind, I'll briefly talk about the new in-game GUI stuff enabled in this build. A floating ISBoxer 2 icon which I lovingly call "the ISBoxer 2 Button" is in the top left corner by default. It can be moved where you like it (just click and drag), and you can right click it for a menu. In the menu, there's a "Save Placement" option. (There's also a right-click menu on the ISBoxer 2 icon in the title bar of other in-game windows, with a "Save Placement" option.) This will store the placement of the button in the currently active GUI Profile -- in the current build, the active GUI Profile is called "Default"; but each Team Member can have its own GUI Profile. In the in-game ISBoxer 2 Settings window (via "Settings" on the ISBoxer 2 Button), a GUI tab provides GUI Profile options. The "Push" button is going to have ISBoxer 2 actually save the GUI Profile, as well as push the GUI Profile to any other windows that also use the same GUI Profile. It's pretty nice.


I'm also preparing to publish the first version of the Basic Combat Module. I'm not sure that name is going to stay, because it's not necessarily limited to Combat, that's just the first thing it's getting used for. This Module provides an improved ISBoxer 2-style implementation of ISBoxer 1's Mapped Keys, which it calls "combat maps". It also lets you build Hotbars with combat maps placed on them, including visual state indicators and tooltips.


The plan is to provide simple in-game configuration for Combat Maps, which can then be Pushed out to ISBoxer 2 and/or other windows, similar to the way GUI Profiles work. From now on, we're going to start seeing a lot more in-game GUI for ISBoxer 2, and that's what's going to lead the way out of Beta.

But, as we're still in Alpha, you're going to see unfinished pieces and some buttons that do nothing. For example, at the moment you can't manage different GUI Profiles using the built in controls, because only the Push and Pull buttons are currently implemented.

Known Issues
This is copied out of my notes for myself, forgive me for some of them being vague or brief.
- Basic Combat in-game configuration not implemented
- Performance/Audio Modules toggles for windows
- Window Layout not implemented, other than VFX Module
- Multiple Computers not finished
- GUI Profile management not fully implemented
- Basic Combat "Combat Map Debugging" tooltips currently permanently enabled
- VFX Module needs layout style configuration
- Performance module Settings window is empty
- VFX Module needs per-window activation Hotkeys settings
- Performance Module shows "Texture Memory Available: NULLMB" in D3D11/12 modes
- Audio Module currently does not save/push its settings
- dxNothing window used for Video FX Layout does not have a GUI Profile
- GUI Edit Mode is enabled at startup
- Right clicking the ISBoxer 2 Button in-game in WoW fails because the PRESS is unhandled and falls through to the game; WoW hides and centers the cursor, so the RELEASE misses. The PRESS needs to be handled....
- "Reload" not currently implemented
- Context Menu not clipped inside screen
- Various elements initial rendering is improperly sized. ISB2 settings window, etc
- FIXED (Inner Space build 6489): Context Menu apparently retains the selected item, and de-selects when the same item is selected again from the same menu. This is confusing when using Save Placement multiple times, because it APPEARS to have been successfully selected from the menu.
- FIXED (Inner Space build 6489): Buttons need visual indicator of hover/click by default

Stay tuned. :)