Post Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:47 pm

New Videos! Multiboxing Browser Games; Window Capture Module

Video 1: ISBoxer 2 Alpha: Multiboxing Browser Games
This video demonstrates how to multibox browser games with ISBoxer 2 Alpha, using multiple Firefox windows. We make use of the Window Capture Module and Video FX Layout Modules to briefly play at

... which, by the way, shows several features new to ISBoxer 2 that you can't do with ISBoxer 1. :)

And for any potential ISBoxer 2 Module developers
Video 2: ISBoxer 2 Alpha: Creating and Publishing a Module
This video is part of the ISBoxer 2 developer series, and is primarily directed at people who are interested in development for ISBoxer 2.

This video walks through the entire process of creating a simple Module -- the Window Capture Module installed and used in the above video! -- testing it with a sweet Notepad multiboxing demonstration, and then publishing it through ISBoxer 2 for others to download.