Post Sun May 26, 2019 11:55 am

ISBoxer 2 2.2.524.3 - New Modules, New Video

This week we've added another few Modules to ISBoxer 2. These are early versions of the Modules, and are obviously not fully featured, but now seemed like a good time to start sharing them. I have been working on the process for other folks to use to publish their own ISBoxer 2 Modules, and now working on documentation for Module developers as well.

So now early versions of Core, Video FX Layout, and WoW Party are available for testing. These Modules bring some functionality from ISBoxer 1-land into ISBoxer 2 land, and help lead the way to practical use of ISBoxer 2, without ISBoxer 1. :) They also provide some fairly straightforward examples for Module developers to learn from!

What do they actually do?
  • Core: Provides an early GUI for Hotkey/Broadcasting toggles (much like ISBoxer 1's), and a Global/Team option for automatically enabling Hotkeys at startup
  • Video FX Layout: Automatically adds a specified Team Member (usually DxNothing) when launching a Team, with an early GUI for a Video FX Layout. All windows will be "Full Screen Stacked" by the current version at launch time
  • WoW Party: Automatically adds WoW Macros for Follow/Assist based on specified Characters on the Team, via ISBoxer 2 Addon. Also provides Tasks that can be used to have any window(s) Follow or Assist any specified window

Here's a screenshot with these 3 Modules active, with 5 World of Warcraft characters loaded.

Let's give this a little run through, shall we?

Watch the video: ISBoxer 2 Alpha - May 2019. This video covers first-time ISBoxer 2 setup -- creating a barebones, no-frills Team with a few WoW characters and launching it... Afterward, I show how to download and install these 3 Modules, and with basically the flick of a switch our multiboxing setup comes to life.

This should give you a little glimpse into what is coming with ISBoxer 2. 8-)

Next Steps for ISBoxer 2

I'll have another video or two coming up to show how to get started with Module development -- including creating a Module from scratch, or tinkering with existing Modules like customizing the Video FX Layout -- and how to publish a Module. And we're going to have a lot of new tutorials, guides, and documentation to cover everything about Modules. :twisted:

We're also going to be leaving the Alpha stage pretty soon, and entering Beta. As should be fairly plain from the video, ISBoxer 2 is prepared to handle basic multiboxing, with a little bit of Module love. It's going to be pretty awesome. :)