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Recommended name

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:51 am
by stile777
Why do you have this? How would you like it when you sign your name to have a 1 attached to it? First you add another place to put the name and then another place that has the recommended name +1 ? Shouldn't the one who knows the name be able to tell isboxer the name of the character? Once not multiple times. You are adding multiple steps to the process of creating a team. And if you are pulling teams from isboxer 1 why do we have to rename the teams? Shouldn't you pull it from isb 1?

Re: Recommended name

PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:31 am
by lax
Alright calm down.

Yes, there is an adjustment to be made here, but you're going a little overboard and this is somewhat hostile.

If you select a specific Character, I agree it should just offer the name instead of adding a 1. This is a minor change that will be addressed.

However.... to answer your other hundred questions, selecting a Game Account or Character is not required (neither is it required to use an ISBoxer 1 team). Having the suggested name built automatically as e.g. "wow 1" and "wow 2" and "wow 3" is not "adding multiple steps to the process of creating a team" it is removing the step of thinking of a separate name for each window they want open.

The ability to use ISBoxer 1 characters to build your ISBoxer 2 team was added after the steps of creating and naming everything were already there. And indeed, we can still cut out some steps from there for the case where you are using ISBoxer 1 pieces.