Post Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:58 am

My requests

I'd like to request support for asheron's call 1, and 2, mostly with it able on ac1 i would like functionality of decal along with isboxer, as far as features I was trying to make click boxes for a functionality of doing attacks but I could basically only work healing abilities, I'm sure I could get buffing abilities as well, but for example being able to set left clicks across the 1-12 bar and inputing 12 different functions, as well as the alternatives, maybe I don't understand it, I just want to have a easier way to input from something like a kbgamingpad, and focus with mouse. and streaming to a notebook, from my pc setup while i'm away from home.

Game Requests
Asheron's Call 1
Asheron's Call 2
Project Gorgon
A possibility for "Elite Dangerous" when ships allow for more users in main ship.

I think for decal and ac to work with isboxer, it is either a graphic issue, or a loading issue, possibly both, when loading causes an error could be the crashes, or caused to crash because decal can't render views at the resolution. If anyone has a fix plz say so, These are all games I'd like to try with isboxer 2, and I'm looking forward to renewing a subscription, if anyone knows some great games to try with isboxer please add to this post, I'm looking to have some fun experiences, and would like to try raiding with large teams together, not so much competing but to amass a good time. with people who know what they are doing, any guides for isboxer2 would be great I'll need to browse the forums and find what i'm looking for I think thanks.