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Trove setup guide?

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Trove setup guide?

im EXTREMELY noob when it comes to multi boxing and i can not seem to be getting it configured correctly. I have ran to setup wizard for everything inside the toolkit under the quick start wizard keymap etc etc and when i hit my broadcasting keys nothing in game happens. If someone could point out a full setup guide for trove or a video i would GREATLY appreciate it.


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Re: Trove setup guide?

Well, I just read the Guide in the ISBox Tool. It helped me already to set up everything. U sould read it too :)


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Re: Trove setup guide?

Yeah the standard quick setup applies. This is a technically easy game to multibox, in that you don't need a lot of information to get started because the game is fairly simple and there's no auto-follow or assist to figure out.

But with that said I am in the middle of some Trove-related work and when that's completed I will be doing a quick ISBoxer walkthrough video similar to what I've done for many other games. :)

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