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Inner Space updated with Trove fixes

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Inner Space updated with Trove fixes

Inner Space build 6089, now LIVE (you do not need to use the development build of Inner Space), includes the following fixes for Trove:
  • Fixed a bug with session numbering
  • Fixed a bug with resolution incorrectly adjusting to match scaled windows
  • Mousing over an un-focused Trove window no longer affects mouselook

In my current testing, mouse broadcasting is confirmed to be accurate across game instances, meaning that I smoothly move the mouse and observe each window making the identical movement. There are various unavoidable ways it can be made inaccurate, however, for example one game instance may lag and another may not. The closer your FPS is in all windows, the more accurate it will be. Additionally, your game windows need to be in the same resolution for mouse broadcasting to match up precisely (this depends on your Window Layout; for most people, they are the same resolution because the Instant Swapping option is generally enabled by default, forcing them to the same resolution.)

Regardless of mouse broadcasting being as accurate as possible, you will absolutely need to correct your positioning as you move your toons over long distances in Trove -- it is unavoidable in game like this that lacks an auto-follow feature. Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes players know this alll too well.

I am working on another fix that will help with correcting toon positioning/heading in Trove, but this will take some time yet. D3 and Marvel Heroes players are able to use "Hold to Control" Hotkeys to control any specific window without having to disable Broadcasting Mode and/or switch windows; for example, hold F2 to quickly control only Window 2 without switching windows. I would like this to work for Trove as well, but unfortunately one small problem becomes one major problem -- to control only Window 2 without switching windows, ISBoxer has to be able to prevent the active game instance from receiving the information about your button presses and mouse movements, only allowing the other window to receive them. That works fine for button presses, but has not been implemented for mouse movements. That's not an issue in Diablo 3 or Marvel Heroes because they're click to move, but Trove in FPS mode needs only mouse movement. So with any luck, sometime soon Trove players will get this capability to help get your toons back in position more efficiently.


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Re: Inner Space updated with Trove fixes

Lol i thought i was creating a thread this whole time with Subject title^ n' all.
Anyways, I like the progress and attention set for the new release of Trove. Can't wait to try the update soon. This is what us free-aim gamers need! Best part is that you recognize and understand the problem and is just a matter of tackling this obstacle. This effort will pay you back greatly :) So convenient Goodluck!

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