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STO Stream Team Twitch Charity Event

Hiyas Multiboxers,

I wanted to inform everyone of a Twitch stream charity event happening this Friday the 18th beginning at 2:30pm pst on Twitch.
The charity event on Twitch is being hosted by multiple Star Trek Online Twitch Streamers that are part of the STO Stream Team on Twitch.
The purpose of the event is to provide financial aid through donations to our friend Andre's Fiance and Family.

Andre passed away at the age of 34 while in surgery for a quadruple bi-pass surgery. He is survived by his Fiance Dani and Family. Andre was a fellow Twitch streamer of Star Trek Online and a member of the STO Stream Team on Twitch.
Andres last wishes while awaiting surgery in the hospital was to have his Fiance bring him his laptop so he could play Star Trek Online with us.

I and the other members of the STO Stream Team will be performing a Crossing of the Streams Event to honor Andre and conduct a charity event to provide financial help to his Fiance and Family.
Two immediate charity events were run on Twitch the day following his passing to provide emergency funds for Andre's Fiance.
Dani, Andre's Fiance, needed this money for Andre and her travel expenses to the Boston area from Ohio.
A Twitch Streamer and STO player named Valikin as well as another Twitch streamer and STO player name Marcy (CatDork) did the initial emergency fund streams.
Dani made it to the Boston area and the funeral services will be held today.

On Friday the 18th of March (tomorrow actually) Myself and the rest of the STO Stream Team will be performing the last charity event to provide the financial assistance needed due to Andre's passing.
I have been multiboxing Star Trek Online since beta and streaming my multiboxing gameplay over Twitch since Feb, of 2015, I have recruited several players of STO to multiboxing over the last year or so. I will be demonstrating my STO multiboxing during this event. Myself and the other STO Stream Team members will be simultaneously streaming and taking turns streaming through the event on Friday. Our streams will all be linked through Twitch Alerts to display the same Donation goal and donation event alerts. Our goal is to reach $600.00.

We ask for anyone to come join us, donate if you can, or just be there to support us gamers, streamers and multiboxers with your Twitch views. There will be many Star Trek Online in game giveaways during the event in the various streams. KTAM Radio and the KTAM radio host Beck Altar will be present during the event. KTAM Radio will be taking song request from viewers. So the viewers decide what music they listen to. The Community Manager Laughing Trendy has been notified of the event and has agreed to help out in some way on Cryptics and PWE's end. To what extent I don't know atm. I will be be promoting multiboxing with IsBoxer and Star Trek Online, promoting KTAM Radio and asking for donations during my stream broadcast in this event.

The STO Stream Team hangs out in Discord voice communications. Here is an invite code for anyone to join in.
Here is the link to my Twitch stream.
In my stream panel you will find a Stream Team section that lists many of the Stream Team members with links to there Twitch streams as well.

Thank You,