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Blizzard Streaming to Facebook

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Blizzard Streaming to Facebook

Sorry but I was not sure if this should go in the twitch/hitbox streaming forum or here in general but I had a question regarding ISboxer and using the blizzard stream to facebook option.

Is it possible to use ISboxer to open the game clients in a way that the bnet app recognizes they are open so we can stream?

I know the bnet app recognizes multiple clients being open if I open them manually and allows me to choose which client to stream from but if I open the clients through isboxer to, you know have the isboxer functions, the bnet app does not recognize that the clients are running. Is there any way to get around that?

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Blizzard facebook streaming

Is setting up Innerspace for a the game "World of Warcraft Launcher.exe" and changing a character over to use that game possible to use the Facebook streaming? (which is pretty smooth it seems)

It's been forever since I tried using bnet to launch characters and when it didnt allow me to use password less login I went back to normal game setting.

I have tried using the old battlenet documentation and peeking at d3 documentation. It seems pretty simple, add game, save, change character to use game, save/export, launch, the battlenet app pops up, i login, but it never seems to grab control of the ui (the repeater icons dont appear like before) and the title of the window is "World of Warcraft, rather than the character/slot/hotkey name.

Unlike launching normally, "game is running" doesn't work with facebook streaming.

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