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My Progress & Config

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My Progress & Config

Hello guys,

Instead of hijacking my fellow Boxer friend´s thread (Titan Kill Video thread) thought I will just make my own on the progress I am making with my team and some tips on the dungeon - boss enconters.

I have 4 accounts, but two of them has capped job/class. However I am doing dungeons synced, although I do have some advantages compared to a complete new player its still hard. I run the following configuration:

Tank: I have 60 Warrior, 60 Dark Knight and 44 Paladin.
Healer: I have Scholar 60 and White Mage 60. Mostly use Scholar for DPS reasons. (Auto heal via fairy)
DPS1: I have 55 Summoner and 54 Black mage. Working on Bard as well currently 33.
DPS2: I have 55 Summoner and 55 Bard. I don't think I will level another class.

Configuration (mostly key binds)

Nothing fancy but I guess I could just explain how my team is setup. I used the normal wizard to configure my team, only detail not to forget is explained by Mirai's Video on his ISBoxer -- Follow & Assist (Simplified) Recap (and non Simplified) vids to setup the follow and assist macro/isboxer config, I suggest you watch his video since it explains in detail.

Move other than tank keys. I have set up the arrow keys (I control with WSAD) to make my other members move left, right, forward and back. Useful when dodging attacks (Doesn't always succeed unless you know the pattern). This may not be needed if you have the controller plugged in since it does the same thing?

Interact with target (ish). No, this is not as useful as in WoW but it works... somewhat. In FFXIV the 0(insert) key on the numpad acts as interact with the closest target/object. I just made it so that when I press the 0 key the other team members also does it. Due to lag, it can have delays on your other team member. Also the 4,8,2,6 keys in the numpad is used to chose between options during the conversation and have them also mapped so that when I press on the main character the others also press it too. Like the 0 key, it can cause delays due to lag and get it out of sync. It is useful when you are trying to confirm entering an instance dungeon or choosing a reward from a quest.

Follow other than the tank. Pretty obvious, this sends the follow command to all except the tank. I made a target group including every member except the tank. FFXIV loves ground target AoE, which is very annoying since every god damn mob has at least one. Almost. I use this mostly to reposition my characters on a spot. With the movement keys sometimes your other members goes all over and makes it harder to dodge AoEs. (Titan fight is a good example)

(Healer Specific) Got this from Plaiides. Although limited, for now I use this method for healing. Basically its making clickbars and associate them with heal macros on the healer's hotbar. Unfortunately you really can't use any key combination other than plain keys (like Ctrl+(insert key)) from what I have seen. It simply refuses to fire the spell but it is most likely some configuration issue from my side.

Ingame Macro

You can probably find these in the web. Unfortunately you can't do a very complex rotation with conditions like wow. Classes which are heavily proc depending to maximize dps like a BLM would be complicated but not impossible I guess. So far my setting of macros are rather simple.

Tank has 3. The initial aggro combo for single and group. Third being the rotation that she will be doing for the rest of the fight.

Healer/DPS has a 2. For scholar and summoner they have the Dot macro, Single taret DPS macro. The rest does not have macro but just a skill on a hotbar like Dot Spread, heal pet, send pet etc.

All macros looks like this:

line1: /micon <name of skill> --------------- sets the icon of the macro. Not really needed.
line2: /ac <name of skill1> <t><wait.3> ---- First skill cast, then waits 3 seconds to move to the next line.
line3: /ac <name of skill2> <t><wait.3> ---- Same as line 2
line4: /p Finished casting <insert dps rotation name><se.1> ---- I add this to notify me that my other characters finished their rotation so I can start casting other spells.

Example: For summoner dot macro looks like this

/micon Bio
/ac BioII <t><wait.3>
/ac Miasma <t><wait.3>
/ac Bio <t><wait.3>
/p Finished casting dots! <se.3>

Unfortunately FF14's macro system does not allow the use of decimals so you can't use wait.2.5 and since the global cooldown is 2.5 seconds in this game it is a DPS loss for sure doing them via macros.

Added Note: For the longest time I had trouble in getting the assist work on macro. Unlike in WoW the usage of macro conditions are very limited. There is a way to stop the macro from going on with the "/echo" command. Whenever the game reads this command, it will automatically stop the currently running macro and begin doing the next macro that is pressed. You cannot imagine the amount of wipes I had by the other team member not assisting the priority target so this is a god send.

Cleared Instance:

Copperbell Mines
Ifrit (Normal)
Haukke Mannor
Brave Flox
Titan (Normal)
Qarn Temple
Cutter's Cry
Stone Vigil
Garuda (Normal)
Dzaemel Darkhold
Aurum Vale

4 Man (50 dungeon)
Wanderer's Palace
Amdapor Keep
Pharos Sirius
Copperbell Mines (Hard)
The Lost city of Amdapoor
Halatali (Hard)
Haukke Mannor (Hard)
Braveflox (Hard)
Hullbreaker Isle
Tam Tara (Hard)
Stone Vigil (Hard)
Sastasha (Hard)
The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard)
The keeper of the lake ---------- UNSYNCHED

4man Heavensward
The Dusk Vigil
Sohm Al
The Aery
The Vault ---------------- NOT COMPLETED

Cape Westwind
The Praetorium
Ifrit (HARD)
Garuda (HARD)
Titan (HARD)

Edit Nov 2nd: The videos has been re-named as advised by MiRai to make it more clear. Added a brief tip, group configuration used for the encounter, how many wipes I had (lol) and a link to this thread for those interested. Hopefully it makes it easier for the viewers.
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Re: My Progress & Config

+1 Very informative and accurate, you will get a feel for the dungeons and bosses with practice might seem hard on paper but once you get the feel of things you realize its possible.


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Instance Guide

Now these are my experience and my setup so it may vary for others.


These are few tips I can give you to make the run smoother. It may not be true to all of the encounters.

1. Have your team at maxed cap level of the instance.
Each instance has a level range and a max level cap (or item level cap if you are 50/60). It is advisable to enter the instance at max capped level for better survival/damage. For example Sastasha can be entered at level 15, and the max level cap before sync is 18. Usually if you quest for leveling, it should be around that level when you first enter.

2. Have the best gear available. (Specially weapon)
Weapons has a very high significance for damage/healing. I suggest to have the best weapon possible for your dps and healer for best performance. Even if its 1 damage higher it has a big impact.

3. Bring food
Every stat addition helps when your think your dps is low, or need an extra HP for the tank. I personally do not use but I should on some occasions when I feel the DPS needs a little more push.


There are many times when I thought the boss has too many aoes to dodge, and I keep focusing on dodging and can't DPS enough to beat the encounter. There are few things you can try out.

1. Is the aoe healable? There are times when you place your members stacked and the AoE is targetted to all your members, do remember that if you are stacked if you do not dodge that aoe, you will get 3 times the damage. There are encounters where the aoe radius is very large (titan Weight of the land for example). Which is fatal if you receive all 3 hits. But if it isn't
if you get hit on just one of them, then it can be healable. You reduce the need to move and keep dpsing on some mechanics.

2. Multiple aoes happening at once, no time to DPS? There are encounters where the boss just does too many aoes. Fortunately (or unfortunately) FF14 you can be many jobs on one character. For instance when i feel that the encounter has too many aoes, and my BLM and BRD combo doesn't seem to be able to dish enough damage because I have to keep moving (brd on HW dungeons), swapping to summoner will sometimes prove better since even on the move, their dots and the pet damage keeps the dps going.

3. Optimizing your INGAME MACROs. This is true as the characters start gaining new spells. There are some things that really can't improve like procs. Also from heavensward onward the dps rotation may change too by implementing new cooldowns, spells and such. I have macros for 1-50 dungeon and 50-60 dungeons on my dps. They play very differently (specially bard and blm) and if you think your dps is low, you may want to revise your macros.


Believe me for me I have so far 1 instance which I can't for the life of me beat it synced. In these cases you try the following.

1. (Note: You need to have Heavensward Expansion) Beat the content unsynced. Once you have installed heavensward your level cap will be raised to 60. By doing all the dungeons and quests you will most likely reach level 52-54. Crafted items are powerful as it is so you can try beating the content unsynced. Hell you can reach level 60 without stepping into Ishgard.

2. Beat the content in pug. Yes this is something you want to avoid by multiboxing but if everything fails, you can clear the content by queing solo using the Duty Finder.


For low level, archer/bard are very powerful. Their attacks are all instant cast, and they learn most of the useful skills early in the game. Their mobility will make the dodging and dpsing easier than any other ranged dps (unless you want to try melee). So Tank/Healer/archer/archer is a very good combo to start with. Summoners are good on encounters that requires a lot of movement. However on encounters that require high burst damage, summoners are not that good pre 51. I believe most 50 dungeons can be beaten with double brd as DPS. I am still trying to level my 2nd DPS the bard but since it requires a lot of preparation (level sub class to 15, get all the required additional skill which needs to level a melee class to 34 which is a pain in the ass). But from 52 onwards, brd becomes a stationary DPS and Summoners becomes the king of mobility. Having leveled these 2 classes will be a plus.

For healer scholar is very good up till Braveflox. The fairy pet does most of the healing and the scholar her/himself can focus on DPSing. From braveflox onward the damage received by the tank will rise, and may need to adjust your playstile depending on how things go. I have not leveled an astrologian so I can't say much. But the last few updates they made the AST quite strong. With the added card gimmic I don't know how easy this class can be used to multibox. White mages hands down are the king of burst healing and aoe healing. At low level it is very noticeable on the healing difference between the WHM and SCH. However I believe SCH has more room for error, since the fairy can heal while you are busy doing other things.

As for tanks, the easiest is the paladin. Has a simple rotation mechanic and a lot of cooldowns. Drk and War are more offensive tank class. Having leveled 3 classes is always a plus (I am still lvling my pld). Pld are sturdy and has a lot of defensive cooldowns, Warriors win on the offensive department and Drk are somewhere in between the 2 classes.


This will highly depend on what content you are planning to do with your team. I for one, do occasional Low level dungeon roulette for experience. Since I need to be flexible on what class work better on some encounters the need to exp grind arises. As a daily routine, I do low level roulette for tomes and exp purposes. Since low level dungeons lowers your character level, many of the skill will be unavailable on many cases. Bard for instance is a good choice since most of their skills can be used from sastasha. But tank classes gets a big hit of lack of skills.


DPS has usually got 6 macros for DPS. The low level dungeon Aoe, low level dungeon single target is used on low level dungeons. Single target, Multi target, AoE, NO assist DPS are used for High level dungeons. Single target and Multi target are straight forward. No assist DPS are usually single target DPS macro but without the assist command on it. I use these for encounters that needs quick target change and high burst output. I encountered many occasions that macros does not fire up, or it fails to assist and fails to change target and wipe.


Healing buttons has changed since I first built mine (ok copied). It has most of the needed fucntions but there is a catch. Each button of these requires a macro. And each macro needs to have a hot bat slot assigned. There are only 100 of them and since you need 4 for each healing macro, it fills up fast. Another thing is that the hotkeys are very limited. Since FF14 does not like combined keys like ctrl+ something so far I have not found any alternatives and getting out of keys.

So far I have got normal cure, big cure, dispell debuff, group cure and one random spell. The cure and dispell debuff shares the same button. Left click heals the target, right click dispells the debuff. The others only have 1 function, I could make more but as stated above, I am low on keys and hot bar slots I can use.
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SASTASHA: Your very first instance. In here you can practice your team to familiarize with controls, dps rotation macro making and other stuff to get you prepared for the upcoming dungeons. There are a lot of optional rooms that you do not need to go through unless you want experience. You can enter from level 15, and you will probably get a level per run until you hit level 20.

Difficulty boxing: Very low

Boss1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la5kZ4W1Dzg
Boss2&3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jrzVsJCIkY (Note, boss 2 does not have dog adds)
Boss4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcy6k_f4WSM

TAM-TARA: This instance has many optional rooms that sometimes gives you gear. Mostly can be ignored due to the level 1 accessories having good stats and will be enough till you get to level 28. Like Sastasha, the instance is not hard. You will face more mobs per pack but still can be done without a tank/healer with the right combination.

Difficulty Boxing: Very Low

Boss1-3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0bJopH-Hc0
Boss4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg8W2jdRB5k

COPPERBELL MINES: This dungeon the bosses starts to have basic mechanics that you need to fulfill in order to defeat them and some of them can't really ignore its mechanic. You can but it will take a very long time to kill it. Namely the second boss. Some can be ignored like the last boss. Again up to this instance your job configuration pretty much is as you please.

Difficulty Boxing: Very Low

Boss1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hXXX4_zyTQ
Boss2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKaPSfKEYFw
Boss3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cj2cbxfk0A

Special notes: Boss 2 may need a little explanation if the video is not clear. I used the tank to pull the boss, the healer moved into the switch with DPS following. Healer triggers the switch, tank pulls the bomb and let it explode to split the boss. From 2nd trigger on tank targets the spriggan who targets the bomb, the dps assists and kills it.

Boss3 as you can see I used brute force. The proper mechanic is to kill the adds, and avoid the other wall to be destroyed. If you have high dps then you can simply burn the boss before they destroy the other wall.

HALATALI: From here the trash mobs starts to hit hard, specially those mantis type mobs. Also starts to have to deal with patrols so watch your pulls. I have managed to defeat this instance with no tank (Pet tank) but was rather tough. For me I had more difficulties with trash packs than the bosses. My healer was 100% on cleric stance (DPS stance) and my fairy did all the healing job. If you have a whm, well I suggest dps some without cleric stance cause sometimes the tank's health can go down in a zip and you still can't use regen till 32. This instance is not mandatory unless you want to progress through the ranking of your Grand Company later on.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Very Low - Low

Boss1 - Ignore adds, heal through the explosion.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DWin3qenEE

Boss2 - Park your members on the surface (either side). Once he gets in the middle, kill the elementals. Dodge if you can his aoe but otherwise just heal through, its not fatal.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JtpGsUskO8

Boss3 - Light DPS on boss, around 90% he becomes invincible. Kill elementals that spawns near the entrance, spawns 3 times. Ignore the little fire mobs. Repeat twice, and you will get him.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOIoAzwuZf0
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THE THOUSAND MAWS OF TOTORAK: The instance introduces the use of curing debuffs, and probably the first instance where the healer can have some issues. Scholars have a hard time since they can't cure debuffs till 40 (for some odd reason). Although this instance can still be cleared without a tank. There are optional rooms however you really do not need to enter each one of them unless you want exp. Remember to collect 4 of those floating green things to activate boss1 and 2.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Very Low - Low

Boss1&2 - Kill boss, make sure you drag him away from the others to avoid being poisoned all over. Boss2 has adds from 50%, you can burn them down with limit break or just kill them first. They have slow effect as auras.

Video: https://youtu.be/xPJePhQU7QI

Boss3 - Avoid the surrounding eggs, kill adds first when they appear. Kill his tail first so that he stops creating green damage zone. (he makes one no matter what when his tail becomes active so put your members on follow to get it out if they are in) Move your character away from the egg bomb if the boss cast them (targets a random member).

Video: https://youtu.be/XEzro5WDQi0

HAUKKE MANNOR: Here starts with annoying trash mobs and large packs of mobs. Just be careful with the maids, they always cast aoe damage+stun(fear) when she gets in contact with you. Stun her, and burn her since her hp is rather low compared to other trash mobs. Its pretty fast instance if you ignore all the chests, although has some nice gear. If you want fast clear, you only need 2 tiny keys to clear the instance.

Difficulty Boxing: Low - Medium

Boss1: Place her away from the others. Dodge her aoe since she casts a ground target aoe on any character except the tank. At 50% and 10% she does her Aoe Damage+Fear like the maids. She can be stunned.

Video: https://youtu.be/gvklnROU9qY

Boss2: This is a matter of preference. But I kill the imp first then the skeleton. Make sure you grab the attention of both bosses. Other than that, its just dodging aoe for tank and nothing more.

Video: https://youtu.be/hmIcI3H6vhI

Boss3: Positioning is key in here. Make sure you tank her away from others to avoid being hit with her aoe that fears. Placing your characters across the boss area for easy interaction of the candles. Kill the bomb add asap since the self destruct WILL kill you, attacking before he aggro make things easier since he seem to fixate on a specific character if not attacked. Get all the adds together but be sure to avoid the AoE. Finish them off if possible with limit break. (if you have level 2 it should kill all of them).

Video: https://youtu.be/YO-orwCw3Cg

BRAVEFLOX LONGSTOP: Just like haukke manor, you can skip the chests for faster clear. Trash packs gets harder and hits the tank pretty damn hard. CCing would be nice if you have them. (Whm or Blm)

Difficulty Boxing: Low - High. (High on last boss if you do not have good dps)

Boss1: Nothing special. Just turn him away from others and kill adds first. His damage however is pretty high.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DknHp0c1sVE

Boss2: This could be challenging depending if you have CC or not. The boss hits really hard. Around 80% of his health, a second lizzard spawns. Now if you got CC, you can sleep the boss and focus on the add. If you don't, try burning the add fast. Using Limit break is an option too. After the add is dead, start dpsing the boss. NPC will throw a bomb to the boss which causes the boss to gain a damage skin for 20second or so. This hits all melees and ranged dps (BRD and MCH). He then goes to a random member and the boss follows him. After a few seconds the boss casts a breath attack toward that player that the NPC is sticking. You can avoid this by stunning the boss just before he casts the aoe, you have to use your instinct since its too late when he starts casting. (its like a 0.5 sec cast or something)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke8Hmr2KLFs

Boss3: Face him away from others and keep distance. If your heal power feels low, spread the other members to avoid the random aoe damage he does. (can't dodge) Kill the bubble that he casts on random non tank member, dodge his frontal cone aoe.

Video: https://youtu.be/0NKYTylTZWY

Boss4: You will have an easier time if your healer is a whm or an astrologist since you can cure the poison (which stacks). Also depends where he throws the aoe (it can target the tank). You face him away from others as usual, dodge his breath. Healers be sure to cure the tank's poison, it can stack up till 4. After a while he starts targeting random members (tank included) and spit an aoe which then converts into a poison puddle. Those who gets hit gets 1 stack of poison too. If the boss is inside this puddle, he will heal. Ideally stack your other members in one place to lure the aoe attack and move away once the puddle is down. If it casts to the tank you need to move him. While moving be sure to dodge his breath if he starts casting.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqIZu9Q949A

THE SUNKEN TEMPLE OF QARN: Back in the 2.0 days this instance was avoided due to its harsh mechanics and trash mobs. Today its much easier but still pose a challenge. Things to watch out are the bees. Their ability called final strike or something will most likely put your tank's hp down to 10% from full. They can be stunned so please do so. Other mob to note are the face statues. These normally has to be killed on a platform so that the switch stays active. This mechanic also is included on the last boss.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Medium - High

Boss1: This boss does pretty high damage on tank, and a bunch of aoes that needs to be avoided. But his worst ability is to cast doom on all your characters. There are 3 platforms in the area, to remove the doom debuff you need to drag your characters in the glowing one or the one that is active. Periodically 2 bees will spawn, they will need to be killed first (thankfully they have very low hp). Make sure everyone gets the doom removed or else you will die.

Video: https://youtu.be/gBCIGFjO1qM

Boss2: This boss is quite similar to Titan. You have a core to destroy and you can only hit the body once the core is destroyed (well you can hit it but it will be a 1 digit damage) at first he will only perform aoe toward the tank. Once the core is destroyed, try to deal as much damage as possible on the body. I suggest even your healer to DPS at this stage since the boss simply does nothing when the core is destroyed. After he reconstructs the core, he will now deal frontal aoe toward a random target so be ready to heal through. He will close the aoe rotation with a field wide AOE, but you CAN stun this by targetting his BODY not the core and stun it.

Video: https://youtu.be/CSdvCooVbIA

Boss3: This boss was a nightmare for me to deal with. The boss field has 3 platforms like the first boss. This is for the face statue adds that spawns during phase 1.

Phase1: nothing much, you deal with the boss facing him away from others. As the face spawns you bring it to the platform and kill it. Otherwise it will revive itself.

Phase2: This phase he starts spawning ankhs that will target a random player and cast a vertical aoe toward them. It has low health and spawns 1 at a time unless you start hitting the boss like made it will keep spawning. There are two types of ankhs, one of them is just a normal ankh but another one is an ankh with a forcefield. You have a limited window to get inside or else it will shut itself down and becomes untargetable. fortunately you can ignore this as a boxer and just heal through the damage.

Phase3: This phase is the trouble part. It spawns about 6 ankhs at once and all starts shooting at a random target. The damage spike is very high if you get hit by more than 3 of them. Fortunately their cast time is rather long, and I had enough time to switch to all my characters and dodge most of them.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_O76ch4hh8
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CUTTER'S CRY: One of the optional dungeons. However if you would like to increase in rank on your Grand Company, part of your grand company requirement is to complete their Grand Company Hunting Log, which involves killing a few trash and the first boss of this instance. There are damage zones and some dangerous mobs like self-destructing bombs that can probably one shot you if you do not dodge. There are chests that can contain gear that may be useful, but these are optional. The instance can be easy to very hard. Especially the last boss since it involves a lot of dodging and healing.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Easy - Very Hard.

Boss1: This one is cake if you know what to do and your dps is solid. Its a bit complicated with sch healer but as a whm you should be able to beat it fairly easily. The boss does nothing but frontal cone aoe, and silence on random target. Around 60% she spawns an add that will cast regen on her. The trick I use, which is also commonly used on Pugs is the healer gets the initial aggro for all mobs except the boss. She the sprints and runs the outer area of the field in circles. Idea is to keep the adds and the regen casting add away from the boss, while the DPS and tank burns down the boss itself. Both times I have done with my healer running worked just fine without even using limit break.

Video: https://youtu.be/M0N-CHaJQuI

Boss2: This one involves following and running away. Most of his mechanics can be dodged by making your members follow the tank. Pull the boss, tank it to the center. Keep your healer, slaves near the entrance but make sure you are in range of heal. When he submerge, get your other members follow the tank. His initial submerge phase he moves from north of the field to the south. Drive your group away from his path since once he reaches the other end he will emerge and that causes a high amount of damage. Once you have dodged, park your members on the edge of the field and tank the boss in the middle. Around 50% when he submerges, again make your members on follow and put auto run on all members if possible toward the exterior of the field, meaning make them auto run to the walls. The boss will first create a whirlwind on the ground which will pull all your members toward the middle, followed by emerge + dive damage that he has been doing initially. If you have done it correctly, you get no damage or your damage will be minimal. Around 30%-0% he will change the submerge mechanic again, however this time its easier. Just stay away from the middle and heal through the random sandpit damage he causes. Also an important note, he will also dot a random member. If you got stoneskin or barrier it can negate this since it only applies a dot if you get damaged. But if not, cure it asap since it hurts a ton. If you are a scholar, make sure you come here at 40 and have done the quest for curing debuffs.

Video: https://youtu.be/Sng5Y7zSw-o

Boss3: So far the worst boss I have fought while multiboxing. He has more or less 3 phases.

Phase1: 100% - 80% ish. He randomly casts 3 types of front-side aoe. The flame breath cannot be dodged, the other two can be dodged. The lightning aoe will put a paralise debuff on you if you do not dodge. The Ice aoe will put a heavy (slow movement) debuff on you if you don't dodge.

Phase2: 80% - 50% ish. Here it starts to get chaotic, or still a breeze. After he performs the frontal aoe phase, he will either cast a melee range aoe or a ranged aoe. Melee range aoe your tank gets affected unless you have a melee dps too. This damages you for quite a bit + adds a dot on top of that. The ranged aoe has a very wide range, the safe spot is where the boss is standing which means you have to move to melee range. Whats annoying about this aoe is not the damage but it will also put a paralise debuff on every member that gets hit. The damage is lower but the paralise is very frustrating since it can screw your casting/moving.

Phase2.5 (yes 2.5): > 50%. Starting from 50% onward he will cast an additional spell on random target. He spawns an orb that will target a random player except the tank. The orb will follow that target until it gets near. Then it explodes dealing minor aoe damage. What is more annoying is that this orb's aoe also adds paralise on you. So thats 3 aoes to worry about.

Phase 3: 40%-0%. Now, I don't know if he performs the phase 2.5 orb and this aoe at once, but I believe he does. I could be wrong. At this phase, he will also start casting ground target aoe on a random player except the tank. This will cause initial high damage + Leave a patch of ice on the floor which is a damage field. Anyone in here will get a dot debuff.

Keep in mind that the Aoe starting from phase 2 does not have a telegraph printed on the ground. The way to determine what aoe is comming is by looking at the chat message of the effect the boss has before performing it. If its ice which is the RAM head, then its the melee aoe. If its the lightning which is the DRAGON head then the ranged aoe will come. You should also put the boss on focus so that you can see what he is casting. Although you only have like 2 second window to initiate your dodge, or else you will get hit.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn4PRzN_b5s

THE STONE VIGIL: The trash mobs are a pain, they hit like a truck to your tank so from here onwards unless you use CC, you need to constantly top the tank off specially when fighting un-CC-able mobs.

Boss1: His frontal cone leaves a nasty dot, so cleanse it. When the boss starts moving to a position, he will face a random target and performs a large frontal AOE toward that direction. I put my characters on follow till the boss positions and faces his aoe and dodge. Then park my members near him and the tank goes to the other side since soon after he does the frontal AOE, he will do his frontal cone Fire aoe (with dot), and if other members are in that area you will probably wipe. The frontal aoe he does once, but after 50%, he will perform two of those before he faces the tank.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8P390xonr4

Boss2: Tank stayed at the entrance. Other members were on FOLLOW with the healer. Once tank pulls, I positioned the others near the 3 canons. After a while a dragon will come down near one of the canons. I used my healer to activate it to counter it. However after around 50%, the boss will spawn a twister toward one of your members (except the tank). That twister does significant amount of damage if not dodged, and it will stay for a while. What I did is to put again the others on follow to dodge the twisters. If the twister gets parked near the canon that the dragon is, ignore it. You will probably die trying to activate it.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NJ8QKyQwps

Boss3: Like the dragon in Braveflox, he has a high damaging frontal breath and a random ground target aoe. Similar mechanics but the ground aoe leaves a patch of ice that deals damage + leaves you a dot on you. Periodically the boss flies in the air and does a zone wide aoe that covers 1/3 of the boss area. My trick is to park them in one of the corners so that can easily dodge them no matter where the breath comes from. Problem is after 50% when the boss flies, he does a ground target aoe on each of your character (so 4 in total), twice before doing his breath. He breath twice before comming down. A note to remember, he will always land near the tank and does a small splash damage on landing. Be sure your other members are not near him.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwlmgGCT0Lc

DZAEMEL DARKHOLD: Optional dungeon, yet it is required if you wish to step up in rank for your Grand Company. Again, there are many chests here that are optional but contains some good gear around 44. However due to the artifact armor being level 45, it may not be so useful till long unless its the body piece. Your pulling technique will be tested here since one screwed up pull can lead to a wipe. Patrolling eye at the begining cannot be killed, his aoe hurts but can be reduced when you are inside the crystal veil that is spread across the dungeon.

Difficulty Boxing: Easy - Medium

Boss1: Kill the boss inside the veil where his invulnerability fades. Ignore or Kill the adds as they spawn. Remember to keep moving to the next veil area when your current one fades, it shows a message in your chat box.

Video: https://youtu.be/ZVmHTIccrkY

Boss2: This is yet another annoying yet not that bad compared to Cutter's cry AoE fest. He has a frontal and backward cone aoe (short range, melee range only) that he keeps doing. However at 90%? maybe 80% of his health he will call untargettable adds around the field, which will start casting spells on your members (consider it as a visual dot). However those adds also does ground target aoe on every member of your team. Constantly. The first phase they do it once or twice I believe. Just straffle your team mates left and right. But around 50% they start doing it again. This time I think it lasts for like 10 rounds. So you are constantly having to move around your team mates. My stratergy is dodge with tank, then straffle others left then right then left etc. Keep doing till it ends. Best if you clump other members into one position so that you don't place the aoe all over and get damaged. It can be hard but possible.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzUIJ5szuuQ

Boss3: Boss 1 has a lot of close ranged aoes. Tank buster attacks happen often so watch his/her health use cool downs when needed be. The crystals spawns in this order: LEFT, NEAR ENTRANCE, RIGHT. Hopefully the video is clear enough on what you need to do.

Video: https://youtu.be/mwUh81G7yZE

AURUM VALE: The last leveling dungeon in ARR. Depending if you want to gain exp or not (past 50 its not that great) it can take a while to complete. The very first room are packed with loads of trash mobs, patrols, ranged mobs etc. You will need to pull carefully or else you can end up with 6+ mobs hitting your tank. There are seeds that will activate when you get near. If you don't kill fast it will hatch causing to spawn a mob per seed. This is good if you are after exp, if you just want fast clearing kill them before it hatches.

Difficulty Multiboxing: HARD - VERY HARD

Boss1: Probably the hardest to deal as multiboxer. The boss field is pretty large. There are some seeds on 4 different locations. Make sure you position each of your characters near one of them. The boss periodically does a field wide aoe that adds a poison stack on each of your characters. As a whm this is easier to deal with since you can regen each member and not lose much of their hp. However I suggest to use the seed when you have 2 stacks, thats what the seeds are for. This ALSO includes the tank. They respawn exactly where they were in time. You can dodge its ground target aoe or just heal through, you can stun the boss 3 times before diminishing return kicks in.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAy8ShrV11g (notice I used different group config for this boss)

Boss2: This is just like the boss fate in Coerthas. If you follow these steps, you won't even get hit except the tank. The Swipe, which the boss swings his club in the air is a frontal cone aoe, just go through him to dodge. The glowering targets any ranged character and deals a non telegraphed frontal line aoe toward that person which deals damage + paralise. Straffle left or right to dodge. The eye of the beholder is a circle non telegraphed aoe. Safespot is melee range. His eye will glow purple a bit before starting the cast. His 100 ton swing is the melee killer, get away from him to dodge. He will grab his club with his two arms when he performs this. All these attacks has a cast time so if you do it right, only the melee attacks should hit the tank.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOgGlnxrC7w

Boss3: This one also has seeds but the seeds do respawn slower, has more seeds around. This boss also periodically does field wide aoe. Instead of a DoT this is a pure damage aoe, but it leaves a debuff on you and each debuff stacked it will cause more damage when the boss deals this aoe. At 3 stacks you would want to use the seed to get rid of it. The boss will also randomly target someone to increase the stack of this debuff. Around 50% onward after specific time he will go to a corner and spawn seeds. This is the same seed you have been encountering during the dungeon, so kill them fast before it hatches or you will be overwhelmed. The adds will also add those debuffs so better not let them spawn. If you got hit by his bad breath, use the seed and it will also cure everything.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrpM1W1A9NQ

Note: if you can see the time remaining for the first and last boss, thats all the wiped I had to get the clear. Summoners are good against mechanic heavy boss since dots and pets keeps doing damage while dealing with heal/mechanic.
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IFRIT (NORMAL) :Your very first Primal Trial. Not that hard unless you focus too much on ifrit. Just kill the pilar that spawns around 50% of his health. Failing to destroy in time or keep dpsing ifrit you will wipe. Face him away from others, his frontal breath hurts. If I recall his ground aoe has always the order of Inside then outside pattern. (the reverse in hard) He will randomly target someone and spawn an exploding ground. Has a wide range, but nothing major since you can pretty much heal through.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whhi50Dxch8

TITAN (NORMAL): Probably your very first wall on your progression. The idea on how to beat is rather simple, but difficult to master. You need to know when he does his landslide and weight of the land. For normal version he starts using landslide after his first jump. He will start using weight of the land after his second jump.

Below it shows his attack patterns.

Phase1: Meleex2 => Rockbuster (frontal cleave) => Stomp (zonewide aoe)

Phase2: Meleex2 => Rockbuster => Stomp => Meleex2 => Landslide

Phase3: Meleex2 => Rockbuter => Granite Jail => Landslide => Meleex2 => Rockbuster => Weight of the land => Meleex2 => Rockbuster => Stino => Meleex2 => Landslide => If the core is not destroyed by this point its a wipe.

Phase4: Meleex2 => Rockbuster => Landslide => Meleex2 => Rockbuster => Weight of the land => Meleex2 => Stomp => Meleex2 =>Rockbuster => Granite Jail => Meleex2 =>Landslide => Meleex2 => Rockbuster => Weight of the land =>meleex2 => Stomp

It looks complex but if you just figure out when does he use landslide, it becomes much easier. Usually after Rockbuster.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FleJVhdb-AU


Probably the hardest boss if you don't know what to do. But to me she was pretty easy. To start with put your other members on follow, and when engaging park them near between the front two pilars near Garuda and start DPSing. When she disappears, hide behind either left or right pilar till she finish casting her frontal aoe. Once dodge, tank goes back to position (best position is where she is at the start). She will soon after jumps a little to the air, followed by a lot of feathers spawning (all stacked). My best way is to aoe them down as much as you can, then finish them off. Try to kill as many as you can if possible. Now depending on your DPS, she can either continue this phase or move to phase 2. If her health is 50% or so, she will move to phase 2. If she doesn't she will appear to your south, once again you need to hide your characters behind the pillar.

Now if she enter phase 2, you just need to lower her down to about 40% till she goes to phase 3. I just burn her down in here ignoring the feathers. Now depending on how many rock pillars there are, you will wipe or survive her aerial blast. (can be mitigated with scholar's succor (barrier spell) or stoneskin. In my fight I had 2 pillars and 1 rock left, it took 80% of my team's health each so was close to wiping.

On phase 3 put your members on follow and bring them to the center. The boss field will shrink since it will spawn a large damage area except the center part. Park your team near the edge. Now its a DPS race. Be sure she is faced away from the others, and dodge her long casting attack which is a frontal aoe with stun. (very nasty) When she flies, put your members on follow and wait at the center. Depending on where she lands it determines where to position yourself to dodge her aoe. If she spawns where she were at the start of the fight, place yourself and others near the edge to the south. If she lands in the middle, make sure you stay away from her frontal area. (I believe its 180 degrees but not sure) Repeat and you should have her down.

Video: https://youtu.be/-L96JiKpJRA
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Back in the day when Realm Reborn was released, this was one of the two instances to grind your tomestones. I guess I can say I cheated this as well. Not mechanically but gearwise I outgear this place by a huge margin. Originally you did this dungeon with item level 50 or so, the instance can be entered with 45 and has a cap of item level 110. All my characters had 115+ (crafted gear) so it was easy. I completed this dungeon with DRK/SCH/SMN/SMN. Mechanic wise the dungeon has 2, you need to keep unlocking the valves to proceed. Some valves are unlocked using a key item which is dropped from tomberries. They are usually on the path of where you are heading so shouldn't give you much trouble. The other mechanic is the unkillable high damaging mob (giant tomberry). These cannot be targetted so can't be CCed either. He only has a frontal sight recognision (60 degrees maybe?) so can avoid being detected. He appears on 3 occasions. You can outrun him too since he is rather slow. I suggest thinking carefully on where you engage your trash mobs.

Boss1: Dodge ground target aoe. He does a large frontal 60 degrees cone AoE targetting a random player (except the tank). After performing it drags near him and he spreads poison + silence debuff on you. He also periodically debuffs the tank which decrease the healing received. Can be dispelled. I place my other members rather close to the boss on this one. Dodge the aoe by straffling them left or right.

Boss2: Spawns adds (I believe its time based). They have low health but if not killed quickly they will spread around all kinds of debuffs on you. After a while he targets a random player and chases around, he ends his chase by performing a double slap so make sure that person gets healed fast. (back in the day this was close to a 1 shot mechanic) He can be rooted but not stunned. Stratergy for me is to simply dps the boss, and switch to AOE (Spread dots for me) when adds spawn. When the boss targets someone I simply shield/stoneskin that person and heal through when he performs a double slap.

Boss3: This boss is hard if you start killing a lot of adds. He has an attack called Everybody's Grudge, it adds a stack of buff every tomberry add you kill. With 4 stacks I believe it deals 3k damage, that cannot be mitigated through anything. I believe invincible from PLD could dodge this but am unsure now. Around 40%? He spawns a group of large tomberries around the boss field. This is your DPS race, don't attack them or else you will wipe (They have huge hp and does a lot of damage compared to other adds). Stratergy if not geared is to limit the amount of tomberries you kill (up to 3 I guess is good) and burn him when the large adds spawn. Keep in mind the large adds will slowly goes near the boss so place your other members close to the boss, he has no cleave attacks or ground target AoE. If you are geared enough, you can simply ignore the adds and just burn the boss.

The dungeon is a very simple one and probably a good place if you want to grind Tomestone of Poetics. Also once you learn the location of the valves and tomberries that drops the lantern, it will be a breeze. For me it was since I have done this place to death back in 2.0.

AMDAPOR KEEP: Your first visit here could be for your relic quest. Was initially one of the two 50 dungeons back in 2.0. Your item like in Wanderer's Palace will be synced at 110 if you exceed it. Mobs have rather small health with 110+ gear so there won't be much of an issue.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Very Easy - Easy

Boss1: There are 2 bosses. The initial one and the boss that gets summoned when the first boss is at 50% health. Nothing much appart from needing to dodge aoes. If your DPS is low, I suggest moving the boss toward the entrance to avoid the AOE caused by the very large add that gets spawned at the other side of the room.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cepYA6b8FA8

Boss2: First, make sure you take in mind that you can fall down in here. If your healing is high, you can ignore his aoe by standing at the center of the room close to the boss. If your healing is lower or not sure, I suggest you dodge the aoes. His pattern is Center, Sides, Center, Sides. After performing his 2 sets of AoE he will cast Repel, which is a very strong knock back. You need to be near the boss and in the center to avoid being knocked back down in the pit to the sides. After each knock back near the entrance will convert into damage zone, if you take too long you won't have any safe zone to place your team members.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8YMnAyefFw

Special note: At one moment the tank's screen went all black. This is normal when the tank is too close to the boss, and the knockback gets registered a little late.

Boss3: This boss has an aoe that covers the entire room. The source of this damage is from the center, so use the statues to get out of sight of the aoe. (remember it does not come from the boss) Do not face the boss's back to your members. It has a huge AoE that does damage + dot. Do not stand in front of the boss since his breath is a frontal cone aoe. After each Zone wide aoe, one of the statues will become an Add. If your DPS is good, only one of them should become active. After 2nd statue becomes active, he will target a random non tank player which does daamge + spawns an orb where the player were. This becomes a small area damage zone, so if you get marked I suggest you move away from the others. Again at IL110 you don't even need to dodge the zone wide aoe, just burn the boss.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlgDQgGau8k

PHAROS SIRIUS: This was the instance which had pretty high difficulty and poor loot back in the day. First boss in my opinion is still the hardest and wipes groups if they try to burn him down.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Medium - Hard

Boss1: Most important thing is to keep your dps in check. He will spawn adds depending on his health, these adds needs to be killed fast due to their aoes. They deal a frontal circular aoe toward the target, which does small damage but leaves a debuff. Stacking 3 of these will cause a fairly large area AoE that does a LOT of damage and leaves a damage increase debuff. Needless to say having a lot of these will quickly kill the group. You can try to tank them but your dps have to kill these adds before the tank has too many stacks. Boss also causes an aoe that can be 2 circle or 1 circle. This converts to a damage field that if you stay inside will keep adding those debuffs that the adds places on you. Around 40% the boss also does a very large circular aoe which has knockback. But he can be stunned, so I suggest you keep the stuns to prevent this from going off.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho-WpWEfZJ4

Boss2: This boss has a lot of eggs in the field, which then it hatches and becomes an add. At first it hatches 2 at a time, then 3. Destroying one of them will anger the boss. Each egg will put 8 stacks of anger, and having more than 10 she goes on berserk and does a high damage toward the player who destroyed the egg. If your DPS is high, just ignore the eggs and the add. If your DPS is low, destroy 1 egg and let one hatch and kill the add. When the boss flies up, it will deal 3 circular aoe toward where the tank is standing. Just running around can prevent from being hit.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMa5avfiMqQ

Boss3: If you can call a boss. Its a boss with some adds, but its hp is so low that you can pretty much burn him down. No stratergy except maybe collect the adds that keeps spawning.

Video: No video here... she died in 30 second.

Boss4: This boss has a few debuffs you need to watch out. The first being the curse, you need to heal up to max to avoid them being mind controlled. The second being the heal debuff, which is applied if you don't stop her Lunatic Scream. She will start using around 50%. She also flies up that has 2 patterns. If she lands on the center, she will use an aoe that debuffs the entire party if you are not in her melee range. If she lands on one of the edge of the battlefield, she will dash toward where she is facing, so stay out of the center and her line of sight. The most important mechanic is the adds. There are 2 types, normal and crawling ones. The normal ones can be tanked, but the crawling one will ALWAYS go to BOTH healer AND the TANK. They will get stunned if the adds reaches its target, so kill these first. Lastly she debuff the tank with a pretty painful dot. This can be cured so make sure you do so.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGM-GDZzHjs
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COPPERBELL MINES (HARD): Before anything, we need to keep in mind the hard mode is a completely different dungeon from its normal mode.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Low - Medium

Boss1: Probably is the boss that will question yourself "What killed me?" more time than the actual fight itself. I wiped once trying to drag all the adds to the end so I did in 2 parts. (On the video it shows with the marker A and B) Pull the boss and the adds to point A, then deal with the adds first. Keep in mind that bombs will pop on the other end of the battlefield, so as soon as you see them send your DPS after since he is probably the main reason of your wipes. He spawns 3 times. After dealt with the adds, move your team to point B. The boss will transform the battlefield into damage zones, the first damage zone covers area up till the first batch of trash, then up till point A, then to point B, and if you take too long to kill the boss it covers the entire area.

Video: https://youtu.be/aFmtkj97Oi4

Boss2: This boss has HUGE amount of hp. That is why you need to use the bombs. Basically trigger the switch, catch the bomb and place it on his path. The tank will stay away from the others since the boss till 50% of his health will do a front aoe toward the tank, hitting anyone on its path. After the initial bomb hit, fire elementals will start spawning targetting random target and start casting spells which hurt. Kill these first, since you are basically not DPSing the boss. Dodge those random spawning bombs, they do not move but they explode where they spawn. When the boss dies, a huge bomb will pop. It will self explode as soon as it spawns. The boss does not have much health so just burn him.

Video: https://youtu.be/WxsClu-X-XM

Boss3: This boss has a single mechanic to deal with which is the Worm. Pull the boss out of the sand, and place it where the heal is comfortable to do. When the worm spawns there are several interactive items across the battlefield. Feed them only when you see the message that the worm is looking for food. Can do early but that means you have to feed him more times. If you fail to feed him for some time, it will cause a wormhole in the middle that drags everyone toward it and damages you and possibly cause a wipe. Adds will spawn on 3 occasions, which fixates a specific dps. Kill these first. The boss does several aoes but not threatening. I have used my limitbreak 2 on the 3rd add spawn near the boss. All in all its a simple fight if you do not forget about feeding the worm.

Video: https://youtu.be/6krIlcElK9o

HAUKKE MANOR (HARD): Probably the easiest hard mode of all, not much mechanics involved.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Verylow - Low

Boss1: This boss is rather easy. It starts with 2 skeleton adds that can be killed in 1 or 2 hits. (the tank can pretty much kill them on his/her own). Imp will periodically nuke random targets, and thats about it. Adds will spawn in time but unless you got a very undergeared DPS, you can just ignore them.

Video: pending

Boss2: This boss has got a few AOE attacks which are annoying. When you are hit by these, you will be silenced for a few seconds. It has few patterns but not too hard even if you get hit. Park your team near the end and with luck you won't get hit by any of the AoEs. You can ignore the add that spawns too, but if you want to play safe kill it first.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GRkJ7ZGwh0

Boss3: This boss is a simple one too but you need to make sure the adds that she spawns dies first (put them to 0 health). If you continue attacking the boss, you will wipe. The AoE that she performs reflects on how much health the adds have before absorbing. You can try to dodge her point blank aoe or just heal through. As always spread your dps around to reduce the amount of damage received. Like in normal her aoe around her will stun you for a while so be sure you do not place her near your team.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4BflMTmCWY

LOST CITY OF AMDAPOOR: The instance is not that hard, just keep in mind there are some mobs that are stationary and will keep spawning mobs until you kill it. There are also doors with 2 chests. One of them is a mimic. First door the Right chest is the correct one. The second door its the Left.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Medium.

Boss1: This boss is quite similar to the first boss in Wanderer's Palace. He periodically targets a random player that is not a tank and absorbs inside. It will appear a new target that you need to destroy to free the absorbed character. Do it quick since taking too long it can kill the person who is trapped.

Video: Pending

Boss2: You need to kill one of the small Wamoras and take the debuff when it dies in order to make the boss come down. This debuff lasts 30seconds and whoever has the debuff (or higher stacks if multiple person has the debuff) gets the boss's aggro. Trick is to keep killing the add when your debuff timer is low, since if the boss goes up in the air again he will regenerate his health in an alarming rate.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh-Zz1smCbY

Boss3: There are several doors around the platform. You can only see them when you engage the boss for 10 seconds. In the video it shows that I have completely ignored the mechanic. Make sure you spread out your team mates to avoid the Gravity Ball. This leaves a damage zone wherever it hits its target, you can see where its going since it will mark a random member (appart from tank). Stun the "Nightmare" that the boss casts since its a 5 second sleep on everyone, this will reduce your damage. You want to kill the boss before he casts his second Ruinus Omen, or you can use the Tank's Limit break to survive the second.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLiE-dx1ro4
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HALATALI (HARD): This instance is also quite easy to multibox since mechanic wise its not that hard. The first portion has several old school traps that you can use to increase the kill speed (it leaves a increase damage debuff if you place the mobs below the trap)

Difficulty Multiboxing: Easy - Medium

Boss1: If done correctly you won't even get his on this boss. Its identical to the second boss in Aurum Vale. Mechanic wise its the following:
1. Frontal Cone aoe to the tank (dodge it by running through him)
2. You will get pulled in, he performs a swipe. Avoid by running away from him.
3. He will cast a beam that affects every area except his melee range. Go toward him.
4. Notice the running robot. Use the switch to activate the robot's field. Place your team inside.
5. He targets random member and performs a frontal aoe. Dodge it by straffling left or right. or on follow.
6. Back to 2.

Video: Pending

Boss2: Initially put your characters on follow. Place them near the tank. He will then turn toward a random target and does a Frontal Cone (VERY WIDE) that will paralise you if you get hit. Notice there are 4 stands with an orb. After you dodge his AoE that looks like an eye on the ground (random target) click the orb. You can do it before since it has a 1minuite timer. Soon after the EYE AoE, he will cast a spell that if you are not blinded by the orb you will get petrified for a few seconds, followed by yet another EYE AoE (2-3 targets). After this his eye becomes targettable. Until this eye is destroyed he will keep casting an AoE that will damage you plus leaves you with an increased damage debuff. If you have high DPS, you can kill him ignoring this mechanic, but I suggest killing the eye.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC4QSAJBsns

Boss3: This boss has 2 phases. Initially with 4 targets, then with 2. Note that the lancer on phase 1 will fixate on a random target that is not the tank. I suggest killing the healer first (Lugadin Female) followed by the Lancer (Elezen male), then whichever you fancy. Phase 2 has a caster and a Chimaira. Kill the caster first. If you get Stand still, 2 of your team mates (tank too) will be stunned. You need to interact with the glowing cross that spawns near it. Make sure the tank has the aggro of the Chimaira.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eytLktVVL7I

HULLBREAKER ISLE (NORMAL): This instance consists of few simple mechanics. The traps layed on the floor can be used against mobs but also it will trap you if you get near. After first boss, you need to collect tablets to open locked doors. These are drops from mimics.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Medium - Hard (Hard on second boss)

Boss1: Notice the palm trees around the field (6 locations). The boss enters on drumming phase and you need to use the palm tree to drop a banana for him to stop. Otherwise he will keep aoeing and debuffing with increased damage received. Adds will spawn before entering this phase. If these adds reaches the banana first, they will eat them instead of the boss. To avoid this you can bring the boss near a tree and kill the adds first.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECXclPXpg_U

Boss2: Like the boss in Cutter's Cry this boss has submerge and ground phase. While on ground, he has 2 aoes. The one that is a vertical straight line aoe with telegraph, and bubbles that targets every player. Each hit of these aoes will leave a debuff that cannot be cured. Submerge phase has 2 phases too. Initially it just goes underground and follows one player leaving splash damage + debuff if hit. Once reached the edge it will emerge, stay away from him since it deals a large damage that can kill you. On second submerge it will cause a whirlpool in the middle attracting everyone in the field, then he jumps out. This will kill you if it hits. Notice the bubbles that keeps spawning. Its irritating since it traps you and stuns you for a short while. You need to use these bubbles to survive the second submerge phase. The submerge phase will keep swapping.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF1A397vMIs

Boss3: The goal of this boss is to kill all his 8 arms and 2 tentacles. There are 4 platforms and on each it has 2 arms. Tentacle will spawn after killing the 5-6th arm depending on DPS speed, second tentacle spawns after killing the first. Only thing to watch out is his tornado like skill. It places a floating comet on one of the characters (2 later on). That person needs to jump to another platform that no one is around. Occasionaly the tentacle will slam one character and grabs + throws to a random platform. Accidents can happen if you have dropped the tornado debuff on an island and the stunned person gets thrown on that platform.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTR9RoiAEpk

BRAVEFLOX'S LONGSTOP (HARD): Previously known as "THE POETIC GRIND" instance. Its simple, can pull riddiculous amount of mobs and burn them down (Very hard as a boxer). Nothing too mechanic intensive. That doesn't mean that its easy. For me it was one of the toughest to box, and thats only because of the last boss.

Difficulty Multiboxing: Medium - Very Hard (Last boss)

Boss1: Nothing special. Dodge the bombs which shows where it explodes. When an add spawns get your tank to put in the line of sight of the target beam to get aggro. Otherwise burn the boss.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpohb8KNTZw

Boss2: Probably the easiest. Kill adds first to minimize the damage. Stay away from the Blue liquid, or heal through. If someone gets targetted go toward the boss.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R0z7JpSh8o

Boss3: This is one of those bosses where it is a multibox nightmare. There are 2 phases and keeps switching. The initial phase he will not do anything special. After a while he becomes untargetable, adds spawn. Kill them. After a while rotating, the boss spawns a huge amount of bombs. The idea here is to get the bombs away from the party member. You have 10 seconds to do this. If you fail you will probably die or close to dead. I needed to make a few macros to deal with this mechanic, this is where the 2.5 second global cooldown becomes an annoyance. In the video shows what I did... but truth to be told I think I was lucky. Just need to plan how you want to push the bombs.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQOfq6C7GHM
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