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New User, really struggling to get this working

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New User, really struggling to get this working

New to the site and the software, but I'm looking forward to seeing what ISBoxer has to offer for multiboxing. With that said, I'm having a really hard time getting my head around the configuration of the software. I've tinkered with all the different Follow/Assist modes that the Quick Setup Wizard provides, but I still can't seem to get the basic Follow/Assist functions working properly. I have two accounts on a single computer and I'm using all the default In-game key bindings.

Account: 1
ISBoxer Character Slot: 1
Character: Alpha

Account: 2
ISBoxer Character Slot: 2
Character: Bravo

Variable Keystrokes:
Follow Target: Alt+1
Assist Target: T
Follow FTL: F11
Follow FTL: F12

Base Hotkeys:
Follow Me: Alt+F
Assist Me: Alt+A

I'm not sure what to do for the in-game macros. Do I need one for both follow and assist? Also, when Keymaps are ON, keys like F11 and F12 seem to be performing the default in-game functions (Target Nearest Enemy, Target Nearest NPC or Object) instead of what they are defined to to in ISBoxer.

Is there a some more detailed instructions specific to FFXIV, or a working example that someone can share with me to get this setup correctly?


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Re: New User, really struggling to get this working

Heya! you'll still need to make some macros ingame.
I would make sure the keys you're pressing are working first, so if you press 1 it presses 1 in game or however you have it set.

For follow and assist you need to make a macro ingame and them put it on your hotbar, the cleanest way is to use their party number. It will look like this:
/follow <2>

same goes for assist
/assist <2>

now <2> is typically my main character, and since it's the tank it is usually always the top one. <1> is always reserved for your actual character on that screen.

The follow functionality and similar that is produced through the setup wizard is for WoW.

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