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[FFXIV] Is WASD movement identical between all clients?

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[FFXIV] Is WASD movement identical between all clients?

Hello! Interested in purchasing, however I have a question. Is it possible to have all the characters in the multibox doing the same movements based on my inputs? I'd like to be able to have them get close with follow and then move together through a dungeon on my commands (especially important for dodging AoE as they require instant input and reaction from all clients or you get hit). Thank you!


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Re: [FFXIV] Is WASD movement identical between all clients?


In order to reliably move around together in a game like this, absolutely nothing beats auto-follow built into the game.

So we have this FAQ entry:

Why do my toons move in different directions?

Your toons will move in different directions if you are broadcasting your movement buttons. Generally this is due to having Key broadcasting and/or Mouse broadcasting enabled. It is meant to be off most of the time. See the Quick Start Guide (WoW; Non-WoW) sections on "Understanding Key Maps vs Repeater" (WoW; Non-WoW) and "Quickly add many broadcasting hotkeys" (WoW; Non-WoW)

Instead of broadcasting your movement keys, use the game's Auto-follow feature if it has one available.

For further reading and instruction on this topic, please see ISBoxer 42 Quick Start Guide, Part 4: Gameplay as a multiboxer.

To more directly answer the question... Is WASD movement identical -- no. Neither is mouse movement. The game instances are not going to be running at exactly the same rate (and will lag at different times), they wont process input at exactly the same time, and any differences -- even a teeny tiny difference -- are obvious when you continue moving.

The best answer is to simply try it out.


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Re: [FFXIV] Is WASD movement identical between all clients?


You can do it with some success by using QWES instead of WASD and Legacy mode. The secret for this to work, is that the camera needs to be in the same position for your following team.
If you have your toons on follow for some time, the camera should be very close for all of them. So, when you use QWES all your team should move almost in the same way.
The reason I wrote 'almost' is because the camera is not exactly the same, so, there is a tiny deviation each time you move them, so the more you move your team, they more they will separate.

But even if this is not perfect, I think, is good enough. This is the way I have been running boss battles for a long time. By using this, I was able to complete the second boss/battle in Bardam's Mettle, just to give you an idea.
I have a network latency of more than 100ms, so, using follow is too slow for me on many boss battles.

Also remember there is a keybind in FFXIV you can use to save and other to restore your camera position. Just save a working camera position at the beginning and when you need to re-sync your team camera position, just send the 'restore camera' key to all your characters. Note: for last part to work, your team need to have target, been in attack mode and facing the same target.

I hope this helps.

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