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How to manage Follow hotkey with and without mercs

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How to manage Follow hotkey with and without mercs

I have 3 toons and normally run without mercs, so the wizard follow setup works just fine. However, if I switch to using Mercs, the key to target a group member changes, so I end up running the wizard all over again, since I can't seem to find where the info from the wizard is stored. Is the best option to switch to using macros on each character to target other group members? Seems clunky, but I'm not sure how else to handle this... Advice?


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Re: How to manage Follow hotkey with and without mercs

The F-key targeting grid uses Variable Keystrokes, and can be found under the Variable Keystrokes tab of each Slot of your Character Set.

As for options, not knowing a whole lot about EQ2, I would assume:

    1) Manually change them whenever using mercenaries either through ISBoxer (permanent - persists through ISBoxer exports), or through the in-game GUI (temporary - doesn't persist through ISBoxer exports).

    2) Create a second Character Set with the F-key targeting grid altered to reflect that mercenaries are in your party. This option assumes that these values are static when the mercenaries are present.

    3) Use macros with hard-coded character names.


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Re: How to manage Follow hotkey with and without mercs

Found this old post searching for the same issue, as I am trying to 3 box with mercs.

It appears that the Mercs statically go into the group slot below the owner. So Slot 1's Merc will bump Player 2 and Player 3 down a group position. This is predictable and repeatable, especially if you fixed your "Invite Team" mapping as per other posts suggest.

Good suggestions above, there is probably 50 ways to fix the "Target Slot X" variable keystrokes... here is a 4th option.

  • 4) Create a custom keymap that sets (re-assigns) the keystroke, for the "Target slots" that need adjusting, for each of the character slots

I am tinkering with turning this into a toggle so that if I hit the button again, it reverts to no-merc variables.

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