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Follow Issues

PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 1:14 pm
by ZombieHuntR
I have 2 accounts running and am just trying to use a basic follow macro, however everytime I move a character the other moves and rotates on it's on as well. How do I get the other account just to stand still if I run the other account around? I'm very confused

Re: Follow Issues

PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 4:13 pm
by bob
If you have broadcasting enabled, then disable it.

If you have triggered your follow macro, then the second character will do what it does when it is on follow. If you want it to stop following, have it perform an action that breaks follow. Usually a movement key will break follow, so it can be handy to setup a "break follow" mapped ley, so you can use a Key Remap, so something like CTRL+S, can be used to send S to all other windows, to break follow.


Another possibility is that some games have a "target or movement assistance" and will have your toon face it's target in some circumstances. Usually this should be disabled.