Post Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:37 pm

Application to join the League of Extraordinary Multiboxers

Hi guys, I'm Joe the Multiboxer, and this is my application to join (or... form!) the League of Extraordinary Multiboxers.

My Super-powers:
My main super power is writing multiboxing software! ISBoxer has been around since 2009, and before that I created WinEQ and WinEQ 2, and EQPlayNice (as you might surmise, these were mostly for EverQuest). Among other things.

My second-best super power is providing multiboxing tech support. My super-brain is capable of recalling thousands of facts related to multiboxing, which are otherwise entirely useless, but often save the day for a hapless multiboxer. I make use of them daily in the ISBoxer Chat Room, on these forums, and sometimes in response to comments on youtube or facebook.

Besides those things you can also catch me in various videos, and working on the web site and wiki.

My Multiboxing history:
As far as ISBoxer-compatible games, I multiboxed EverQuest 1 many years ago with WinEQ and WinEQ 2. I later moved on to World of Warcraft and have since dabbled in many games. I have recently enjoyed multiboxing in Diablo 3 and Marvel Heroes, as well as dabbling in other free-to-play games like LOTRO and RIFT.

My favorite times multiboxing World of Warcraft were during WOTLK, doing the Icecrown 5-man instances, Wintergrasp, and battlegrounds.

Prior to EQ1, I played text-based MUDs both on local BBSes and on the internet. Multiboxing those (usually called other terms) was just as fun!